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American Gods Season 1 introduced Gods of all kinds: bloodthirsty Nordic Gods; angry African Gods; uptight pagan Gods; and tech-savvy modern Gods. Starz has not only treated Neil Gaiman's novel to a visual flair rarely seen on TV, it also explored many of the sub-plots and side characters that made the book so memorable — and even more fantastic mythical figures are on the way in Season 2. But who are they?

Here are six characters we're expecting to see in the second coming of American Gods, and who could play them.

SPOILER Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 & Season 2 will follow. Believe me.

Ulrich Thomsen As Alviss, King of the Dwarves

Ulrich Thomsen in 'Season of the Witch' [Credit: Rogue]
Ulrich Thomsen in 'Season of the Witch' [Credit: Rogue]

Alviss is an Old God, one that Mr. Wednesday successfully recruits to his side for the coming war at Rock City. He's tall for a dwarf — described as about 5"8 — which is exactly what makes him the biggest, mightiest, and greatest of all the dwarf folk. Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen fits the bill, from his height requirements to his Nordic accent, and his general gruff demeanor. No dwarf should be without a bit of bluster after all.

Thomsen is a veteran of TV acting and has been nominated for a host of European Film Awards. However, he's also known for supporting roles in movies like The World is Not Enough and Killing Me Softly.

Brad Garrett As Chad Mulligan

Brad Garrett in 'Everybody Loves Raymond' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Brad Garrett in 'Everybody Loves Raymond' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Chief of Police in Lakeside, a place that Shadow briefly calls home, Chad Mulligan is one of the few characters in American Gods that is seemingly human. He's the quintessential small-town Cop: friendly, approachable, and violent when necessary. Described as lanky and apple-bellied, Brad Garrett of Everybody Loves Raymond is the perfect casting to play Shadow's lawman friend. There's a friendly giant fragility to Garrett that would add levels of depth to Chad Mulligan's romantic sub-plot.

August Diehl As Hinzelmann

August Diehl in 'The Young Karl Marx' [Credit: Diaphana Films]
August Diehl in 'The Young Karl Marx' [Credit: Diaphana Films]

August Diehl is the perfect choice to play Hinzelmann, the Kobold of Lakeside. His authentic German accent and nuanced facial acting would sell the role, allowing him to guard the character's secrets like the other con-men in the show. The character is an ambivalent creature of German mythology that was ousted from his home in the Black Forrest by Roman invaders, but, like the rest of the Gods and spirits, he's found a new, unsavory way to survive.

August Diehl has been nominated for, and won, numerous awards in his native Germany, but you'll probably remember him best from Inglorious Basterds. "Who am I?!"

Harold Perrineau Ss Horus

Harold Perineau in 'Lost' [Credit: ABC]
Harold Perineau in 'Lost' [Credit: ABC]

Mr. Ibis, Bast, and Mr. Jacquel — who've already featured heavily in Season 1 — were not alone when they came to America. They were joined by both Horus and Set, who left the funeral parlor to cut their new American teeth alone. In the present day, Horus spent so much of his time as a bird that he "has forgotten to be a man," and he subsequently appears as a half-crazed figure with a taste for roadkill.

Harold Perrineau has that slightly neurotic thing in droves, having earned his TV chaps on Lost before going on to appear in Sons of Anarchy and Criminal Minds. He'd be the ideal Horus, if Season 2 is going to take us that far along in the story.

Alfre Woodard As Mama-ji

Alfre Woodard in 'A Path Appears' [Credit: PBS]
Alfre Woodard in 'A Path Appears' [Credit: PBS]

Mama-ji is the ruthless Old God Kali, initially described as an old woman with dark skin and greying hair, who's adorned with beads and and tiny silver skulls. She accompanies Mr. Wednesday and Shadow, who eventually sees through Mama-ji's glamour to see the imposing God within.

Alfre Woodard cut a charismatic and dangerous figure as Mariah Dillard in Luke Cage, and gave a frightful yet powerful performance as Aunt Josephine in A Series of Unfortunate Events. She'd be the ideal casting for Kali, embodying the Hindu God of both power and preservation.

Devery Jacobs As Samantha Black Crow

Samantha Black Crow is also — as much as anyone in this narrative is — merely a human. She hitchhikes with Shadow for a time, and professes to "believe anything," a poignant point considering Shadow's existential revelation at the end of Season 1. Devery Jacobs is the ideal choice for the role of Samantha Black Crow, portraying youth without naivety in a range of roles.

Jacobs was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for her performance in Rhymes for Young Ghouls, and she's no stranger to TV, having appeared in Mohawk Girls, Cold, and This Life within the last few years.

It's all over for American Gods Season 1, but Season 2 is due to enter production very soon. Who're you most hoping to see in the next series? Sound off below!


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