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were probably afraid that one of their iconic animated characters would get jealous, because they've clearly made sure to give each and every of them a live-action adaptation in the coming years. While we're eagerly waiting for the trailer for to come out, another classic fairytale has joined the ranks of Disney's upcoming remakes, the popular Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

While we know that the writer on the recent The Girl on the Train, Erin Cressida Wilson, is attached to pen the script, no potential cast members have been announced yet, so we looked into our magic mirror and tried to imagine the best possible choices for each role. Who would you imagine as ? Let us know below!

Snow White

Snow White is rather young and naive in the fairytale, but the adaptation could decide to go either with a teenage girl or an older actress for a different — and perhaps more modern? — take on the story.

From left to right: Elle Fanning has already starred in a fairytale adaptation with Angelina Jolie's Maleficent, while Ella Purnell recently appeared in Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children — and nailed the wide-eyed, fair-skinned look. Two Australian actresses could also bring a more mature aspect to the character, such as Adelaide Kane, who's been killing it as Mary Stuart on Reign, and Bella Heathcote, who recently appeared in The Neon Demon.

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The Evil Queen

Jessica Chastain was already in as a warrior, but she'd be an excellent queen as well. Same thing goes for Jennifer Garner and Marion Cotillard, who was truly haunting alongside Michael Fassbender in Macbeth, but what about Megan Fox? The Transformers actress would be excellent in the role of the vain, self-obsessed witch — and I'm not even throwing any shade here.

The Huntsman

In the original story, the Queen orders the Huntsman to take Snow White deep into the forest and murder her. As proof, he should bring her back the young girl's heart, but just as he's about to kill Snow White, he's filled with remorse and tells her of the danger she's in, deciding to bring the queen an animal's heart instead.

There could be plenty of picks for the role of the scruffy yet big-hearted warrior, but how about Channing Tatum or Theo James? And while I can imagine John Boyega becoming Snow White's close friend, Joe Mangianello would be the ideal distant yet faithful protector.

The Prince

Last but not least, Snow White obviously needs a Prince Charming, and it's not like we don't have enough heartthrobs around. Ansel Elgort, from The Fault In Our Stars, would look absolutely dashing on a white horse — as would Alex Pettyfer, who you've probably seen in Magic Mike. Though maybe Taylor Lautner or Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl finally deserve their time to shine! Let's just do four movies, shall we?

Until we find out more about the live-action remake of Snow White, check out our behind-the-scenes video of below:

Who would you want to see in the live-action adaptation of Snow White?


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