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Futurama, the fan favorite TV show from the creators of The Simpsons, has built up a huge fan base over the years. Just like The Simpsons, this show has broken barriers and appealed to anyone and everyone. In my opinion, this show ended entirely too early, and a live-action movie could be the perfect way to end the legacy of this animated TV staple. However, in order to do that, you would need the perfect cast ensemble. Here are my suggestions for such an ensemble.

Fry: T.J. Miller

When I think about lovable dope Fry, the first name that comes to my mind is lovable dope T.J. Miller. While T.J. doesn't look like Fry exactly, he is accustomed to playing this type of character. He's a hot property in Hollywood right now, and I believe he could bring Fry to life better than anyone else.

Bender: Danny McBride

Just like I think about T.J. Miller when I think of lovable dopes, I think about Danny McBride when I think about lovable jerks. Bender, as a robot drunkard, was practically made for Danny McBride. Whether he just voices him or if they actually put McBride in a giant tin can, he's the only person that could bring this character to life.

Leela: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has multiple qualities that make her perfect for Leela. She's often the love interest, we've already seen what she looks like with purple hair, and she plays action roles as well. She would be perfect as the fearless captain of the Planet Express in that she can kick ass and fall for a dork like Fry (i.e. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). How she would look with only one eye, I don't know, but she has the perfect acting credentials for the role.

Professor Farnsworth: Patrick Stewart

There's no one that can joke about themselves better than legendary actor Patrick Stewart, and I think that he could show that perfectly in a comedic role like this. He's already done some comedic role such as American Dad, but seeing a serious dramatic actor like Patrick Stewart playing a character like Farnsworth would be amazing. He looks like the character and he doesn't have a problem making fun of himself, so why not have a high-caliber actor like Stewart in the role?

Hermes: Gary Anthony Williams

Not only does Gary Anthony Williams resemble Hermes, but with a wig and makeup, he could be an exact replica. Williams is one of the best improvisational comedians there is, and he can nail a Jamaican accent. With his looks and his uncanny knack for improv, this Whose Line Is It Anyway? veteran is the perfect choice for the bureaucratic limbo machine that is Hermes.

Amy: Brenda Song

When it comes to Asian girls that aren't the brightest crayon in the box, Brenda Song is the go-to choice after her role on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Amy Wong is pretty much the exact same character, and she has the perfect look and experience to pull it off. While she's not the biggest star in Hollywood right now, she still has all of the credentials for the role, and could perfectly portray Amy in a live-action Futurama movie.

Zoidberg: Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen, the infamous funny fat guy, would be an interesting and hilarious choice for Zoidberg. He's shared while working on Preacher that he has a love for prosthetics (and actually wanted to play Arseface originally). I feel that he would jump at the chance to play the "doctor" of the crew, and could use his plump body and already strange voice to play the character.

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