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The Expanded Universe (), as the phrase implies, is ever-expanding. Since the official announcement that a Green Lantern Corps movie is on the way with a style that Deadline describes as “Lethal Weapon in space,” fans have been wondering who will portray their favorite emerald ring-slinging heroes?

Reportedly both Hal Jordan and John Stewart will appear in the movie, but there hasn't been much news about any of the other possible characters who might make an appearance.

Nevertheless, there are several characters many fans think are essential to a great Green Lantern Corps story -- and specific actors who could bring them to life on the big screen.

These are the actors we'd love to see playing some of our favorite Green Lantern heroes and villains in the upcoming movie.

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1. James Marsden As Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan [Credit: Bosslogic]
Hal Jordan [Credit: Bosslogic]

The acclaimed actor is rumored to be in talks to play the role, but seriously, Marsden is totally the perfect guy to play Hal Jordan. He is best known for his portrayal of adult Cyclops in the X-Men franchise and recently appeared in HBO's Westworld, where he had a predominant role as the host Teddy.

Hal Jordan has the will of champions and incredible perseverance, while at the same time being arrogant and reckless at times. These are traits that Marsden can perfectly portray on screen.

Plus, look at a Green Lantern comic book and then look at Marsden's face and physique. They are essentially the same!

2. Idris Elba As John Stewart

John Stewart [Credit: Bosslogic]
John Stewart [Credit: Bosslogic]

He may be safeguarding Asgard as the fierce Heimdall in the , but Idris Elba was born to play John Stewart!

I grew up watching the animated series and Justice League Unlimited on Cartoon Network and out of all the , John Stewart was my favorite. Idris Elba perfectly captures the feel and form of the animated version.

Even in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, the John Stewart skin for Green Lantern looks identical to Idris Elba.

Moreover, Elba has all the characteristics of John Stewart. Just watch an episode of Luther.

3. Gina Rodriguez As Jessica Cruz

Gina Rodriguez in "Jane The Virgin" [Credit: CW]  | Jessica Cruz [Credit: DC Comics]
Gina Rodriguez in "Jane The Virgin" [Credit: CW] | Jessica Cruz [Credit: DC Comics]

The Puerto Rican star is rapidly rising in Hollywood. One of today's most successful Latina actresses, Rodriguez is best known as the lead character Jane from the CW's .

Last year she starred alongside Mark Whalberg and Kurt Russel in Peter Berg's Deepwater Horizon.

If Warner Bros. is smart, they should cast her right away before she becomes the next Jennifer Lawrence.

4. Ben Foster As Guy Gardner

Ben Foster [Credit:Gage Skidmore] | Guy Gardner [Credit: DC Comics]
Ben Foster [Credit:Gage Skidmore] | Guy Gardner [Credit: DC Comics]

Foster recently appeared in last year's Inferno, Warcraft and Hell or High Water. When it comes to Guy Gardner we need someone who can portray fun and immense levels of badassery on screen. Ben Foster can totally bring that.

He has appeared in comedies, action blockbusters and it's about time he got to taste the DC side of films after portraing Angel in X-Men: The Last Stand.

5. Alan Tudyk As Ch'p

Alan Tudyk in "Powerless" [Credit: ABC] | Ch'p [Credit: DC Comics]
Alan Tudyk in "Powerless" [Credit: ABC] | Ch'p [Credit: DC Comics]

If Guardians of the Galaxy can have a talking raccoon, Green Lantern Corps can have a talking squirrel, and who better to play the galactic rodent than the best droid in the Star Wars universe, the voice of K-2SO, Alan Tudyk.

was one of the best movies of 2016, and Tudyk's portrayal of K-2SO was one of the best in the film. He is a voice-over legend, with tremendous performances in a plethora of movies including , Ice Age, and .

6. Liam Neeson As Mogo

"Green Lantern: The Animated Series" [Credit: Warner Bros.]
"Green Lantern: The Animated Series" [Credit: Warner Bros.]

You may have heard of 's Ego the Living Planet, but have you heard of Mogo, the sentient planet who's also a member of the Green Lantern Corps? The planet literally has its own power ring wrapped around it.

Liam Neeson is the perfect actor to portray Mogo. Don't belive me? Watch A Monster Calls.

7. Mark Strong As Nekron

Mark Strong [Credit: 20th Century Fox] | Nekron [Credit: DC Comics]
Mark Strong [Credit: 20th Century Fox] | Nekron [Credit: DC Comics]

If there was one thing good about Ryan Reynold's movie, we can all agree it was definitely Mark Strong's portrayal of . It's unlikely that he'll return as the iconic villain, so, why not cast him as the menacing Nekron, the leader of the Black Lantern Corps?

Strong's involvement in Green Lantern shouldn't automatically disqualify him from appearing in future DC . He is an acclaimed actor and is a fantastic casting choice for the role of Nekron.

8. Andy Serkis As Atrocitus

Atrocitus [Credit: DC Comics]
Atrocitus [Credit: DC Comics]

Who should portray the embodiment of rage and hate, a.k.a. Atrocitus, in the ? The master of the motion-capture, Andy Serkis.

Among Serkis' phenomenal roles, he has portrayed Ceasar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes franchise and Supreme Leader Snoke from the new trilogy.

Atrocitus is a ruthless villain that will also appear in the upcoming video game Injustice 2. Now is the perfect time to introduce him on the big screen as well and Andy Serkis is the right man for the job.

9. Luke Evans As Sinestro

Sinestro [Credit: Bosslogic]
Sinestro [Credit: Bosslogic]

Is there any role Luke Evans can't dominate? That's why he'd be perfect as the leader of the Yellow Lantern Corps, .

Evans has portrayed gods like Zeus and Apollo. He's even donned the cape of the blood-thirsty Dracula. It's about time we see him become a superhero, or in this case, a supervillain.

10. Abigail Spencer As Star Sapphire

Abigail Spencer in "Timeless" [Credit: NBC] | Star Sapphire [Credit: DC Comics]
Abigail Spencer in "Timeless" [Credit: NBC] | Star Sapphire [Credit: DC Comics]

One of the main villains from the Justice League animated series and Justice League Unlimited, Star Sapphire needs to make her DCEU debut. Abigail Spencer is the perfect pick to play the part.

The actress currently stars in NBC's as a time-traveling historian with a mission to preserve the past. Her character, Lucy, is intelligent and confident and Spencer plays her beautifully, proving she can totally bring the powerful Star Sappire to life.

Unfortunately Timeless might face cancellation. If we lose Timeless, then we need Abigail Spencer to bring her charm and charisma to the DCEU asap.

Do you agree with these fan-casting choices? Who would you cast? Let me know in the comments below!

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