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Anyone who tuned in to Nickelodeon during the mid-'90s will no doubt remember Alex Mack, the teenage girl with superpowers. Running on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 1998, The Secret World of Alex Mack was a highlight in the SNICK lineup. Feeling nostalgic yet?


The premise of the show was simple, but awesome: Alex, your standard teenage girl, is nearly hit by a chemical plant truck on her first day of junior high, leaving her drenched in GC-161, a top-secret chemical. Alex soon manifests unusual abilities including telekinesis, generating electricity from her fingers, and self-liquifying into a mobile puddle of water. With the help of her older sister Annie and her best friend Ray, Alex tries to survive the daily life of a teenager while also being hunted by the head of the chemical plant, the nefarious Danielle Atron.


It is hard to imagine seeing a classic childhood show reimagined for a reboot, but it is also so much fun. While nothing could replace the original, if The Secret World of Alex Mack were to be rebooted, who should be cast? Here is a roster of candidates that just might fit the bill.

Alexandra 'Alex' Mack — Chloe Moretz

A new incarnation of Alex Mack (a role immortalized by Larisa Oleynik) seems almost sacrilege, but should the day come when the story is retold for a new generation, Kick Ass and Carrie star Chloe Moretz has our vote. A sweetheart, a badass, and an all-around dynamic leading lady, Moretz could seamlessly wear Alex's hat (any of her many, many hats).

Ray Alvarado — Ki Hong Lee

Alex's best friend and neighbor, Ray was first portrayed by Darris Love. Part of the inner circle, Ray and Annie are the only two who know about Alex's abilities. Recasting Ray would be no easy task, but Maze Runner star Ki Hong Lee could give Love a run for his money. Though he comes off as a badass in Maze Runner as Minho, he is also a goofy and lovable boy next door in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. A dynamic actor with all the charm we know Ray to have, Lee would work well as Alex's bestie.

Annie Mack — Ariel Winter

Meredith Bishop was a true role model for girls tuning in to the show. Annie Mack is a determined leader and borderline genius. Though it may seem like typecasting, this role could easily be executed by Modern Family star Ariel Winer. The attitude, intellect and empowerment Winter displays on screen is not just befitting of Annie, it makes us wonder if Alex Dunphy was based off of Alex's sister herself.

George Mack — Linden Ashby

Alex's father, George Mack (Michael Blakley), is a brilliant chemist working for Danielle Atron at Paradise Valley Chemical Plant. Teen Wolf's Linden Ashby not only has a fatherly feel to him, but he can be tough when needed — just ask Stiles Stilinski. A standup actor with a diverse resume that includes Mortal Combat and Melrose Place, Ashby could prove to be a wonderful George Mack 2.0.

Barbara Mack — Rachel Griffiths

When we think of Alex and Annie's mom, we see the one and only Dorian Lopinto. A down-to-earth woman working in public relations, Barbara is the cornerstone of the Mack family. She is also someone who could be lovingly portrayed by Rachel Griffiths. The former Brothers & Sisters star has the ability and experience to become Barbara Mack and, perhaps, even expand on the character.

Danielle Atron — Madeleine Stowe

There is now doubt that Revenge's Madeleine Stowe has the ferocity and stamina to take on the part of Danielle Atron. The CEO of Paradise Valley Chemical Plant was first brought to life by the late Louan Gideon. Seeking to market GC-161 as a radical weight-loss drug, Atron spends the series using her resources to hunt the GC-161 kid to run tests on and to silence. The skills an actress would need to embody the regal and maniacal Atron are ones that Stowe has in spades.

Robyn Russo — Billie Lourd

Back in the day, Natanya Ross brought Alex's fun, yet sardonic friend Robyn to life. Not always the most self-assured person, Robyn suffered from low self esteem, a character trait that many would not associate with Scream Queens actress Billie Lourd. Lourd, who can also be seen in Star Wars VIII: The Force Awakens, is a versatile actress that could certainly deliver in this roll.

Louis Driscoll — Thomas Brodie-Sangster

The ever abrasive Louis Driscoll, played by Benjamin Kimball Smith, was a friend of Ray's and an annoyance to Alex. Though one would never think to describe Thomas Brodie-Sangster in those ways, the Maze Runner star does have the skills and the looks to present this character to a new generation.

Vince Carter — Mahershala Ali

John Marzilli originally played Vince Carter, head of Paradise Valley Chemical Plant security. Taking orders from Atron, Vince's hunt for the GC-161 kid became an obsession of his, one that did not end when he was fired from the job. A "suit" that instills fear and intrigue seems like the perfect part for House of Cards and Hunger Games actor Mahershala Ali.

Lars Frederickson — B.D. Wong

B.D. Wong is a talented actor with a knack for playing evil scientists, from Jurassic Park's Dr. Henry Wu to Gotham's Hugo Strange. Wong's performances would be a credit to the sinister character Lars Frederickson, first played by Kevin Quigley. As Vince's replacement, Lars becomes Atron's chief subordinate and a new nemesis for Alex.

Dave Watt — Kevin James

Everyone loved Dave, the dim-witted truck driver without whom Alex would never have gotten her powers. John Nielsen nailed the role, working alongside Vince to find and capture the GC-161 kid. Dave turned out to be a pretty good guy when he eventually saw Alex using her powers and kept her identity secret. It is no stretch of the imagination to see actor Kevin James playing the part. The I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and The King of Queens star provides a notable range of skill, from slapstick to heartfelt, making him ideal as our next Dave.

For fans of Modern Family, check out the video below and get to know the sassiest member of the family a bit better:

Who would you cast in a reboot of The Secret World of Alex Mack? Share your thoughts below.


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