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Movie trailer mashups are some of the greatest things to ever come about on the internet. There are some that make you laugh, some that make you cry, and some that are downright creepy. When it comes to last year's spectacular hit, , director Damien Chazelle has made it known one of the major influences of the film was the classic 1952 musical about the ups and downs of pursuing your Hollywood dreams, Singin' In The Rain, starring the amazing talents of Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.

The Unusual Suspect decided to take the iconic musical and mash it up with its modern-day counterpart by splicing together scenes from Singin’ in the Rain of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor as "City of Stars" plays in the background. It is executed beautifully and will make you want to go outside in the rain and belt out some swooning .

See The Trailer Mashup Below:

The mashup is actually pretty faithful to the original La La Land trailer that utilizes "City Of Stars." The font used is essentially identical and the loving glances between the on-screen counterparts will certainly make your heart swell. There are also similar sequences included throughout, particularly the quick Donald O'Connor/Ryan Gosling piano shot.

See The Original La La Land Trailer Below:

(Sources: EW)

What are some of your favorite movie trailer mashups?


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