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Dark and gritty have become synonymous with the DC Extended Universe, but not everyone enjoys that approach. In fact, a large number of fans have been clamoring for a change. Fortunately for anyone eager to see that happen, one dedicated person has made it a reality.

featured an endearing opening sequence, as we see our a-holes facing a beast they've been hired to take down. But all the action and bone-crunching shenanigans take a back seat to Baby Groot, who dances his troubles away to the tune of E.L.O.'s "Mr. Blue Sky." It was a hilarious scene that got audiences right back into the quirky and unique tone of the characters...but it also served as inspiration for a fan by the name of Chandler Balli to create something quite special.

A Guardians-Inspired Batman V Superman Opening Sequence

Balli edited a scene from using Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as inspiration. The original opening, focused on the destruction of Metropolis, is scrapped in favor of the "Batman saving Martha Kent" sequence, as we see the Caped Crusader beating up and murdering thugs to the beat of—you guessed it —"Mr. Blue Sky" as the credits appear on screen.

I have to say, the song gave me an entirely new perspective on the scene. There's something really appealing about the Dark Knight kicking butt to the tune of that song. It would have been quite awesome, surprising and downright hilarious to have this as the opening scene for BVS.

Of course, this mashup video will stir the ever-lasting vs. debate, so...

Will DC Movies Ever Get This Upbeat?

There's been a big push from Warner Bros. to lighten up the . Wonder Woman and Justice League, for example, are said to have more humor than past entries, but retain their dark atmosphere. Could we ever get a DC film with the same general tone as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? It's possible.

Movies centered around , Superman, and Wonder Woman are quite serious, so it would feel strange to do a complete turn to a brighter tone. Fortunately, Warner Bros. has the chance to take a different approach with movies like Batgirl, Gotham City Sirens and Booster Gold & Blue Beetle (if that's still happening). The characters in those films offer the chance to have a smooth transition to a much more inspiring and optimistic tone, an opportunity the studio will probably take.

The DCEU could also take a page from the MCU. Marvel Studios knows how to find a balance between serious and upbeat; it knows how to make its audience laugh while also tugging at their heartstrings. Hopefully, the DCEU can evolve that way in the near future.


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