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We all know the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Jedi Master who trained Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan blamed himself for his Apprentice's fall to the dark side. Ultimately, Kenobi wound up living the life of a hermit, isolated on the planet Tatooine. His task was to watch over Anakin's son from a distance, all the time wondering whether or not the Galaxy would ever be freed from the Sith.

Lucasfilm recently began working on an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, filming under the working title 'Joshua Tree.' The title was a subtle hint, telling attentive fans that the film is likely to be set during the years of Kenobi's exile on Tatooine. The film has the potential to be a Star Wars movie unlike any other, exploring the penitent heart of a Jedi Master, while diving into his personal quest for redemption. Now, one tremendous fan-made trailer has given us a sense of just how powerful that story could be.

Check Out This Stunning Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer

As you can see, the trailer imagines Obi-Wan Kenobi as a man who's haunted by ghosts of the past. His mind constantly spins back to the battles of yesterday, wondering whether or not he could have chosen another path. What if his Master Qui-Gon hadn't died in the Battle of Naboo, but instead had been the one to train Anakin Skywalker? What if Obi-Wan had seen the hints of the dark side, and had stood in his friend's way before he fell? Jedi aren't often plagued by these kind of questions. For Obi-Wan though, his decisions have ultimately cost the Galaxy everything. Not only does he blames himself for the fact the entire galaxy has fallen to the dark side, but Obi-Wan also holds himself responsible for the ascendance of the Sith.

Even as he wrestles with his inner demons, striving to find the peace of heart that the Jedi seek, Obi-Wan remains a man with a mission. His task is to keep Luke Skywalker — who he believes to be the Chosen One — safe from harm. Tatooine is a harsh, dangerous world, and this fan-made trailer envisions the Tusken Raiders as the villains of the piece. In this imagined plot, it seems that the infant Luke is captured by the Tuskens, and it falls to Obi-Wan to rescue the child.

It's a smart concept, and carefully avoids having Obi-Wan return to galactic affairs. This is an exile after all, and he's a man with a duty. In fact, Kenobi should have no part in the nascent Rebellion. Instead, should have minimal (if any) contact with the rest of the galaxy. The more this Jedi Master makes a stand on Tatooine, the more his charge is at risk. So it's perfectly fitting that a threat to Luke is what forces Obi-Wan into action once again.

Is this the direction Lucasfilm plan on taking things? The video is perfectly logical, offering a strong character-focused movie that avoids damaging the overarching narrative of the Star Wars universe. It really is the kind of movie fans would be delighted to see, and we can only hope Lucasfilm's plans mirror it.


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