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After 100 episodes, the MTV hit drama Teen Wolf has finally come to an end. When the show premiered in 2011, people didn’t know what to think of MTV’s adaptation of the beloved ‘80s romp; however, it quickly became apparent that the show was very different from the original. Fans glommed onto the property early on and the fan base grew exponentially with each passing season of the show.

Note: Spoilers for Teen Wolf Season 6, Episode 20, titled "The Wolves of War" below.

The series finale was a bittersweet affair for fans of Teen Wolf, but after six great seasons, fans were finally ready to see how Scott McCall’s (Tyler Posey) journey ends. The finale was filled with great moments like the return of Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), the battle against the Anuk-Ite, and the many callbacks to previous seasons.

Although the series ended on a bit of a cliffhanger – with Scott walking off to face another challenge – it felt like the show came full circle. Even with the open-ended finale, many fans felt the episode was solid, a good ending to a great series. After it aired, fans took to social media to share a wide variety of emotions, and in several cases, they shared their gratitude and thanks to the cast and crew for putting together something they loved.

Fans React To The Teen Wolf Series Finale

In the wake of the Teen Wolf finale, many fans took to Twitter to share their appreciation for the show they loved and shared heartfelt messages. The show may be over, but it lives on through its wonderful fans who tuned in each episode and became part of something truly special:

Some Fans Didn't Love The Finale, However

Although the series has ended, some fans weren’t thrilled about the finale. Whether it was the fact that they didn’t get the Stydia kiss they wanted, that there wasn’t a concrete ending, or just the brutal realization that the show is over, many fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions and feelings:

The Cast Also Had The Fans To Thank

Even though fans shared some criticism of the show’s finale, the love for was everywhere on social media. The cast and crew were praised hundreds of times over, and in turn, the fans were thanked for all their support over the years:

Teen Wolf was an unexpected hit, after six seasons, it has become one of ’s most successful scripted dramas and its fandom has taken on a life of its own. Back in July, news broke that the show might be getting a new series on MTV, but for now, it looks like Teen Wolf will have to live on in the hearts and minds of its fans.

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