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Suicide Squad premiered to terrific box office numbers, but it was widely panned by critics and extremely divisive among audiences. While the film had its problems, most fans were enthralled by ’s Harley Quinn, who gave an outstanding performance as the beloved DC Comics character.

When she debuted on Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn instantly became a fan favorite. Along with her insane antics, her signature red and black jester outfits became her calling card. In Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. updated the style to be more risqué, and gave her a more colorful flair.

Throughout most of , Harley Quinn adorns a red, white, and blue outfit; however, in a flashback, she is seen briefly wearing her patented red and black onesie. One fan decided they wanted more of Harley Quinn in her original color scheme, and posted an image to Reddit of Robbie’s outfit recolored to fit her original look.

A Fan Recolored Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn Red And Black

The above picture of (and Robbie) looks amazing in a red and black color scheme. The changes aren’t monumental by any means, but the two-tone palette is a bit easier on the eyes than Suicide Squad’s original red, white, and blue outfit. The picture also shows Quinn's cotton candy colored pigtails swapped out to match the rest of her red and black ensemble.

Quinn’s outfit in Suicide Squad is fitting for the character, but in other media she rarely moves away from her original red and black coloring that fans came to love from Batman: TAS. Since the release of Suicide Squad, Quinn’s blue, black, and red outfit from the film has been featured in Injustice 2 and DC's Rebirth comics, but before Suicide Squad's release, she was usually featured in red and black from head-to-toe.

It must be noted that Suicide Squad won an Oscar for its amazing costumes, and the style Warner Bros. chose was perfect for the dirty and gritty nature of the characters. Fans have become attached to Harley Quinn's ensemble from Suicide Squad, and it has become one of the most popular cosplay outfits of the last year.

With Harley Quinn returning to the for Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens, Warner Bros. could choose to change her look altogether – which is a smart move when it comes to merchandise. However, due to the popularity of Robbie's original costume, they may simply choose to update it by tweaking a few details (and understandably toning down the skimpiness if Robbie has her way), much like the MCU did with Captain America’s uniform following Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Sound off! Would you like to see Harley back in her red and black in future movies? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.


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