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There are those internet fan theories that are fun for a quick read when you have a minute or two to spare in your busy day, and then there are those that genuinely make you re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about a film/TV series/book.

Check out some of these awesome fan theories:

Redditor u/MasterLawlz posted the following on r/FanTheories:

In the episode of Spongebob where Spongebob and Sandy do so much karate that he ends up getting fired for it, karate was a metaphor for sex.

The Episode, 'Karate Choppers'

The Theory In Question

You can read the theory in full here, or you can read on as we break down each point below.

The post essentially suggests that Spongebob and Sandy the Squirrel's vigorous "karate sessions" are actually meant as a metaphor for their numerous rolls in the hay. (Sex). These "karate" sessions are ultimately detrimental to Spongebob's work ethic so the two attempt with all their might to contain their "karate" desires, which ultimately ends up failing.

Let us break down the major points!

1. Spongebob's 'Safety First' Comment And The Booty Call

The helmet is a representation of a Condom
The helmet is a representation of a Condom

Before Spongebob starts to go at it, he runs off, puts on his safety helmet and gloves, says "safety first" then winks at the camera before charging at Sandy. That would clearly be representative of condoms. Spongebob then starts announcing his special moves/techniques.

Following a vigorous morning sexual encounter, Spongebob and Sandy bid each other adieu until Spongebob calls her up that night to see if she would be down for some Sponge-loving. Sandy politely rejects his offer for a booty call with a "nice try" and they hang up until the next morning when they decide to have a quickie at the grocery store.

2. Spongebob's Lack Of Attention At Work

Spongebob lives for the Krusty Krab. He loves that place arguably more than Mr. Krabs loves a dollar (again, arguable). What is the one thing that could possibly cause an individual such as Spongebob to be so distracted at their beloved place of work? The prospect of sleeping with Sandy, and damn it, that is all he can think about.

He neglects his Krabby Patty making. When he finally takes the idea out of his mind for a second, he envisions a customer as Sandy and (according to the theory) "in his mind, she even winks at him," which drives Spongebob mad with lust, so much so that he assaults a customer.

3. Spongebob's Firing

Following Mr. Krabs warning Spongebob about his girlfriend, he sees Sandy and Spongebob near the premises, which was the last straw for the Big Boss. He has had enough of Spongebob's neglectfulness and decides to fire him. Following Sandy's pleas, he agrees to keep Spongebob on, solely on the condition that he and Sandy stop making out all over the Krusty Krab.

4. Spongebob And Sandy's Romp In The Park Seals The Deal


They try to suppress their feelings by going for a walk in the park, but they ultimately succumb to a case of some "afternoon delight."

Spongebob thinks of doing it right there but gets embarrassed as soon as he says it. Sandy's desire to practice karate ends up going through the roof when she sees Spongebob doing karate-like chops with a sausage. Spongebob starts to feel the same, and eventually it reaches a breaking point and they go absolutely nuts, doing karate all over the park and making a bunch of sandwiches. The camera shakes and a tree is broken in half.

5. Mr. Krabs' Idea For A Live 'Karate' Show

Ultimately, Mr. Krabs decides Spongebob is at his best form after a little session with Sandy, thus he brilliantly comes up with the idea of turning the Krusty Krab into:

a Benihana-esque place where the food is prepared live and it's somewhat of a show.

That Krab knows good business. Keep your No. 1 employee happy and all will be well.

Which, sort of makes sense when you look at some of the other antics Spongebob has gotten himself involved in. See how many innuendos you can spot in the musical sequence below:


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