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It's highly likely that anyone with an affinity for '80s action movies will know of The Terminator and Predator. While one focused on an unstoppable cyborg sent from the future, the other dealt with a military veteran who will stop at nothing to survive when an unstoppable alien hunter begins picking off his crew. Both star the legendary and are undoubtedly pieces of cinematic history. What if that's not the only similarity between these movies?

According to Cracked, there's a possibility that both the and franchises exist within the same shared universe. While it may come as a shock to those of us who grew up thinking that both movie monsters dominated their very own universes, it's actually not that hard to believe given that they both originated as epic, standalone '80s films with the same iconic star. He may just be the glue that joins both of these films together.

The Shared Universe Theory

The shared universe theory centers around Arnold Schwarzenegger's Predator character Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, who disappeared in the 1987 film and hasn't been seen since. The theory suggests that while we all presumed Dutch was missing, his likeness was what prompted the model design for Schwarzenegger's Terminator cyborg.

This originates from the 1994 arcade game, in which there is a playable character named Major Dutch Schaefer. Not only does the character bare a striking resemblance to Arnie's Predator character, we are informed that he is "a cyborg created to fight extraterrestrials." Moreover, he even has a model number — CDS-170A3. The theory suggests that "CDS" stands for "Cyberdybe Systems" — the organization that created Skynet in the Terminator franchise.

It then goes on to remind us that Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines revealed Cyberdyne was working with the US government and military in order to create the Terminator. Thus, the whole Val Verde mission in Predator could have been a test, and Dutch's likeness could have been used for their models after he survived the jungle by destroying the alien hunter.

Could The Films Really Be Connected?

While most fan theories are usually looked upon as fan fiction, we shouldn't be so quick to write this one off. The reason for that is down to the fact that the Alien Vs. Predator arcade game was based on an earlier draft of the script that was intended to be used for the film. The article even suggests that Schwarzenegger would have appeared in the film had the script remained the same and he wasn't elected at the time (presumably as Cyber Dutch).

Furthermore, Dutch has indeed been missing since the events of Predator. He defeated the alien and hopped aboard the military "choppah" home, but we haven't heard from him since. That was almost 30 years ago. The novelization of Predator 2 claims that he suffered radiation poisoning and was interviewed by Peter Keyes. However, the novelizations aren't necessarily considered canon to the films.

While he was referenced in the 2010 sequel Predators by Adrian Brody's character, it was never revealed what happened to him. Thus, to think that he may have been taken by the military to produce Cyber Dutches/Terminators isn't the most absurd idea, especially when you live in a world with aliens who like hunting their prey for sport.

Could We Have Found Out The Truth In The Predator?

When it was revealed that Predator's Shane Black had taken over the reigns of the franchise, fans hope that we would see Arnold Schwarzenegger return in 2018's . Unfortunately, the Austrian Oak himself recently confirmed that he won't be appearing, but not before he told us that he was originally supposed to. In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, Arnie was asked about the reboot, stating:

"They asked me, and I read it, and I didn’t like it — whatever they offered. So I’m not going to do that, no. Except if there’s a chance that they rewrite it, or make it a more significant role. But the way it is now, no, I won’t do that."

Now that we know he was originally supposed to appear in The Predator, it leaves us wondering if we would finally have found out what happened to Dutch all them years ago. This would have marked the character's first appearance since the 1987 original and perhaps shed some light on whether his likeness was being used for Terminators or if he had just become a recluse. Moreover, now that Dutch won't appear, we have to wonder: Will we ever find out if the Terminator and Predator franchises are directly related?

While it's an incredibly convincing theory, it has never actually been confirmed on screen. It's a shame that Dutch won't be appearing in The Predator to confirm or deny this rather compelling theory.


Do you think the Terminator and Predator franchises exist within the same shared universe?

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