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Superhero movies are dominating Hollywood, and hip hop is thriving in the music world. These two universes are parallel, but we haven't seen any good cross over from the two spheres. While we recently saw Method Man and a set of other and R&B legends in Netflix’s Luke Cage, they were portraying themselves on screen rather than acting as fictional heroes. Today, we’ll be casting this era's top hip hop artists as some of our favorite Marvel characters.

1. Drake Is Deadpool

This isn't just because they're both Canadian. Aubrey “Drake” Graham, like , started from the bottom, eventually claiming his spot at the top of the music charts. This year, Deadpool surprised the movie industry with its unexpected success, becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. But the parallels don’t end there. Deadpool has a regenerative healing factor even more powerful than Wolverine, so when villains try to kill him he comes back with style. Drake does the same. It doesn’t matter who tries to topple Drizzy, he always manages to come back and dominate, sometimes even going “Back to Back.”

2. Kanye West Is Black Panther

Many consider Mr. West to be the modern king of hip hop. Black Panther, the king of Wakanda, has more than a passing resemblance to Kanye. They both nurture their passions in respective endeavors. While Black Panther protects his country by disconnecting it from the rest of the world, Kanye does the same with his music, ignoring bad critics and haters. Kanye’s music is a work of art, as is his fashion, and even his public persona. The same goes for Black Panther; his whole culture is magnificent. Additionally, they both share a similar attitude when facing insignificant obstacles: they don’t care.

3. DJ Khaled Is Thanos

The mad titan is usually a villain, but there was one time when he switched to the light. wears the gauntlet that controls the universe, and DJ Khaled has the keys to success. When it comes to achieving desires and making your dreams a reality, DJ Khaled owns the throne. Like Thanos, if he wants something, he is going to pursue it and work hard to attain it. While we don’t know if Khaled wants to take over the universe, we do know that he’s taking over the music industry. His latest album, Major Key, features the biggest names in hip hop, including Drake, Future, Jay-Z, Nas and more. When Thanos wants something, he snaps his fingers. When DJ Khaled wants something, he says: “Another one.”

4. Kendrick Lamar Is Thor

Thor, the prince of Asgard, is a man of honor and of immeasurable strength. Kendrick Lamar, the prince of Compton, is a tremendous rapper of unimaginable rhymes. Some would consider Thor to be one of the most savage heroes in , and riffing off that description, Kendrick Lamar is truly one of hip hop’s most savage artists. His rhymes strike like thunder. His words are his Mjolnir. He took down half the hip hop world in one verse, like obliterated Korg with one hammer strike.

5. Jay-Z Is Iron Man

Like Tony Stark, Jay-Z is a genius. His expertise in the music business is top notch, and when naming off the best rappers of all time, he is automatically included. Just as Iron Man was the movie that started off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jay-Z is the music mogul who kickstarted the careers of many great artists like J Cole. While Iron Man finances and runs Earth’s mightiest team, Jay-Z runs Roc Nation, one of the music industry’s leading labels. Jay-Z may not don an iron suit, but he is an indestructible lyrical machine.

6. The Weeknd Is Vision

The Weeknd’s music puts you in a trance. While Vision can disintegrate anyone with one energy blast from his Mind Stone, The Weeknd does the same with his voice. Recently, The Weeknd released his latest single, 'Starboy,' accompanied by its respective video. Ironically, the song is produced by French androids Daft Punk. Check out the music video below.

What rapper would you cast as your favorite superhero? Leave your pick down in the comments!

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