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Wonder Woman has been a feminist icon ever since she was first created in 1941, a beacon of strength and justice for women everywhere. But there's another group of people for whom Wonder Woman is a icon, and that's the community. Thanks to the feminist, polyamorous leanings of Diana's creators — William Moulton Marston, his wife Elizabeth, and their romantic partner Olive — lesbian subtext played a huge role in Wonder Woman's Golden Age comics, as it was implied again and again that Diana Prince was bisexual, as were most of the Amazon race.

Later, other creators took this further, confirming Diana's bisexuality, giving her an (albeit off-panel) girlfriend, and talking openly about this in the press. In recent years, Wonder Woman's position as an LGBT icon has been cemented, and she even appeared on the cover of the queer comic anthology Love Is Love, published in 2016.

Diana leads the charge on the cover of 'Love Is Love'. [Credit: IDW / DC]
Diana leads the charge on the cover of 'Love Is Love'. [Credit: IDW / DC]

In the run-up to the release of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman movie, Diana's status as a bisexual character was much discussed. Although the movie featured plenty of that classic lesbian subtext, it did not confirm whether Diana is bisexual — and honestly, none of us really expected it would. It's a big-bucks blockbuster after all, and why would a Hollywood studio take the risk of boycotts and being banned when a mere female lead is seen as a risk?

However, smashed expectations at the box office, proving to be the most profitable superhero origin movie of all time. Along with the high expectations for plot and character development that we all have for the sequel, some fans are hoping that Wonder Woman 2 will also feature Diana's bisexuality — and they've even gone so far as to petition Warner Bros.

Will Wonder Woman Get A Girlfriend In The Sequel?

GLAAD Ambassador Gianna Collier-Pitts, who started the petition, pointed out that Diana's bisexuality is an essential part of her character, and deserves to be shown on the silver screen. But more than that, Collier-Pitts delved into why we need more queer representation in mainstream media, and her comments are quite compelling.

[Bisexual people] are the least likely to come out and the most likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. [...] We are made to feel invisible and in doing so we begin to see ourselves as invisible. Making Wonder Woman canonically bisexual on the big screen would make her the first openly LGBTQ superhero of any gender from either DC or Marvel's cinematic universes, and would solidify her place as a true role model for women of all ages and identities.

With Midnight winning an Oscar and the Black Mirror episode "San Junipero" taking home an Emmy, many of us are hoping that we'll soon see more queer representation in genre storytelling — and Hera knows this is desperately needed. So will Wonder Woman 2 be the one to champion this new trend of queer characters kicking butt, taking names, before going home to their same-sex partner?

Wonder WOman defies convention to save the day. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Wonder WOman defies convention to save the day. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

It's certainly possible. Thanks to the film Professor Marston And The Wonder Women, Diana Prince's queer origin story is finally becoming well-known, and Diana's bisexuality has played a significant role in the press surrounding the first movie. has also made waves for queer representation in their TV universe, with Sara Lance as a champion of bisexuality in Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow, while Alex Danvers came out as gay in Supergirl Season 2.

However, it's worth noting that Wonder Woman's bisexuality, although alluded to, has not even become a major part of her comic book identity — despite decades of hints and subtext, Wonder Woman still hasn't had so much as an on-page kiss with a woman, let alone getting a recurring female love interest. And this doesn't bode well for her movie counterpart. True, Gal Gadot has already said she's open to getting a female love interest in Wonder Woman 2 (her pick is Halle Berry), but that's not to say that Warner Bros. will agree.

It's a sad fact that many countries will ban movies simply because they feature queer characters — and when one of those countries is the blockbuster-making China, then it's no wonder why studios are reluctant to include LGBT representation in their movies. And even if queer characters do appear, they have to be super-subtle, as in the case of Star Trek: Beyond — despite making headlines for giving Sulu a husband, a kiss between the two men was filmed but ultimately cut from the movie.

Despite the odds stacked against it, LGBT representation is gradually becoming more common in movies, and Wonder Woman being confirmed as bisexual would be a huge step forward for cinema. Hell, even some well-placed flirting between Diana and another woman, or a subtle comment about an ex-girlfriend would be groundbreaking. But for now all we can do is sign the petition, and hope for change.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think Diana should get a female love interest in the sequel?

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