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If there is one thing that HBO's Game of Thrones does well, it is craft a right horrible bastard that you can't help but love to hate. However, after Season 7 came to a close, it is time to say "move over Joffrey, Ramsay, and even the Night King." There's a new c-word in town, and he's got his eye on your packed lunch.

The penultimate run of may have waved goodbye to Littlefinger, but it seems that there could have been another schemer lurking in the shadows — Ben Hawkey's Hot Pie. The buxom baker may seem all sugar and spice, but he may actually be his very own Baelish, pulling the strings to rain destruction down on Westeros. When not creating cute wolf-shaped pastries, Hot Pie is actually be the biggest villain EVER to grace the Seven Kingdoms.

A Finger In All The Pies

Redditor abdo0000 points out that things really started going to shit in Season 7 when Arya Stark made moves back to her family homestead in "Stormborn." If you think about it, the little Kill Bill badass was determined to check her naughty list and cross Cersei Lannister off it in some presumed faceless showdown in the Iron Throne room. Along came Hot Pie to remind Arya that she actually had a soul and a family, sending her on yet another deviation from her plan. Packing back to Winterfell, Arya failed to topple the Lannister lioness and Cersei is still alive and kicking. So, this is when everyone really goes spiraling into chaos.

Remember than Jon Snow and his Snow Men only went beyond the Wall to capture a wight and convince Cersei of that frosty welcome party. We all know how successful that mission was, and it meant that Daenerys's last-minute rescue of the Magnificent Seven cost her one of her precious dragons. If Viserion had never died and become the Night King's latest pet project, the abominable snowman wouldn't have had the power to bring down the Wall in that blue-hued finale. To wrap it up just like Sandor Clegane would, Hot Pie is a bit of a c*nt.

Admittedly, a lot of this hangs on the assumption that Arya could actually do the deed to rid us of Cersei, but given her recent run of good luck, it is hard to imagine that she wouldn't have succeeded. Also, Hot Pie's kindness at the Inn at the Crossroads did give us that Stark reunion that we had all been waiting seven years for and also led to the downfall of Petyr Baelish — but was it all worth it?

While we aren't expected to see Hawkey as Hot Pie again, the curly haired fool may just have made himself public enemy No. 1. The reddit thread certainly deserves its title of "Why Hot Pie should be the most hated character in GoT," and it isn't hard to see why. Although Hot Pie's actions may not have been intentional, he ranks right up there with Bran Stark and that "hold the door" fiasco for royally f*cking things up. Remember, what is hot may never pie!

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