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In light of the recent controversy surrounding 's decision to announce LeFou's sexuality in the upcoming adaptation, the powerhouse machine seemingly keeps on chugging. The popular animated series, Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil recently featured a gay couple sharing a kiss and if you happen to blink during the moment, you may have missed it.

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The episode entitled "Just Friends" recently aired and focused on characters Star, Marco, and Jackie attending the concert of their favorite band, Love Sentence. The unbelievable power of the music somehow manages to inspire most of the audience to lock lips with their significant others and a few same-sex couples were included in the scene.

See the clip below, kiss begins ~1:25

The first instance takes place midway through the titular song when a male couple kisses. The next few feature at least two female couples and occur in a group shot after Marco realizes his best friend has run off. This is a brilliant move on the part of the writers because of how nonchalantly they include the kisses. Rather than placing tremendous emphasis on it, they are included with the rest of the couples and is incredibly encouraging for the progression of inclusion in .

Character Designer Tweets Sketches Of The Kiss

Stephanie Ramirez, character designer at Disney Television Animated, tweeted sketches of various couples in mid-smooch including two older ladies and two dudes included in the scene.

A fan responded to the tweet to express their approval in not making "a big deal out of it."

Reactions Were Spectacularly Positive

Many took to to post their support of the scene and give kudos to the creators.

The Disney XD show follows the adventures of Star, a princess from another dimension, and Marco, a friend whose family welcomes Star into their home, as they attend high school and attempt to prevent her magical wand from ending up in the wrong hands. The series was created by Daron Nefcy, making her only the second woman to create an animated Disney show, and was recently renewed for a fourth season.

(Source: EW)

Do you think the inclusion of the kiss was a good idea? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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