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If you're any sort of Walking Dead fan, then the Season 7 premiere probably hit you like a ton of bricks. Over the last year six years has been bold with many of its episodes, but nothing has even come close to the absolutely carnage and devastation unleashed in Episode 1, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be."

RIP Abe, you utter legend [AMC]
RIP Abe, you utter legend [AMC]

We knew the episode would be hard, Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan even warned us that reading about the finale and premiere episode had made them feel ill, but if anything that just made us more determined to see it. However, around the 14 minutes mark, after was brutally struck down, it started sinking in that we were losing a favorite character, and then minutes later the outraged truly began when was abruptly murdered.

No doubt many of you were screaming at your screens, and a few probably even vowed not to watch the series again. And if you were one of the many then you can probably relate to the video below of fans reacting to the horror of Episode 1. Take a look at the hilarious and emotional video below, but be warned for those of you wearing headphone - there will be screaming.

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Are you laughing, crying or doing a mixture of both after watching that?! What an absolute testament to how beloved the show is that it can evoke such a passionate response! Sadly, with Negan now firmly in control of the situation it looks like we'll be living in constant fear throughout Season 7 that the events of Episode 1 could be repeated. But then again, surely the writers of the show wouldn't put us through that - right?

Watch The Walking Dead when it returns to AMC with Episode 2, "The Well" on Sunday, October 23 at 9pm ET.

Was your reaction to The Walking Dead Episode 1 anything like these guys?

This shit was too real
This shit was too real


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