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It's exciting to see celebrities that resemble other stars. We've gotten quite a few examples over the years, the most notable ones being Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Chastain & Bryce Dallas Howard, Matt Bomer & Henry Cavil, Will Ferrell & Chad Smith, Isla Fisher & Amy Adams, and Javier Bardem & Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Now, we have another remarkable example to add to that list: James Franco and Tom Hiddleston... more specifically, Hiddleston's character, Loki.

Recently, and Franco released the first teaser trailer for The Disaster Artist, which tells the behind-the-scenes story of The Room, 's now infamous film. Check it out:

The teaser was hilarious. People around the interwebs praised Franco for his performance of Tommy, and the film's deadpan sense of humor. But there was one more thing that stood out for eagle-eyed fans: The actor looked very similar to 's beloved God of Mischief, .

Keep in mind, this wasn't a massive detail everyone noticed but still, some people took to social media to discuss the striking similarities between the two actors:

As for Reddit, a user named grimache83 pointed out he got and the MCU confused, believing the teaser was another behind-the-scenes look at the :

"Yeah, I thought this was like a behind the scenes shot from an 'Avengers' movie & this was just a joke!"

Another user named anautisticpotato went as far as to say he assumed James Franco was just Tom Hiddleston getting in deep with another one of his characters:

"I have no idea who that person is, so I just thought it was another Hiddleston character inhabitation. Someone needs to warn this dude about Taylor Swift infestations."

I don't usually notice celebrity lookalikes unless they're pointed out to me, but I can't deny it, I also felt looked like an older version of the God of Mischief while watching the trailer. Not only because of the hair and eye color, but also because of their mannerisms.

The similarities are remarkable [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The similarities are remarkable [Credit: Warner Bros.]

There's An Interesting Backstory To This Comparison.

Back in 2013, Tom Hiddleston wowed audiences as Loki once again in . But he looked slightly different look from his previous appearances as the character, as he was sporting really long, wavy hair (you know, to convincingly portray a locked-up Asgardian war criminal).

That change prompted fans and even a few websites, like WIRED and Chezzburger, to point out Hiddleston looked quite similar to Tommy Wiseau:

Whoa, this is getting really meta. Given those comments, I suppose we should have expected Hiddleston to be compared to whomever ended up playing Wiseau. If you are eager to watch more of James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, The Disaster Artist will be released on December 1, 2017. As for Hiddleston, his God of Mischief will be back in Thor: Ragnarok on November 3rd.


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