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It's June — for people worldwide, 'tis the season for community, visibility and most of all, for pride. Unfortunately, this morning the Sense8 fandom received some devastating news of the show's cancelation, and while the timing could not have been worse, the fan response couldn't be louder and clearer.

A Netflix original series, has been hailed by critics and fans alike for its multicultural characters and diverse storylines, one of very few examples of positive, non-stereotypical representations of queer and transgender characters on television.

Fans Take To Twitter To Voice Their Dismay At The Cancelation

The show is notable for having been created by two trans women — the , who brought us cyberpunk epic The Matrix — and giving us the character Nomi (Jamie Clayton), one of the only transgender women characters played by a trans person on a mainstream network TV show.

Especially disappointing is the cancelation's timing. The news broke on June 1, which marks the kickoff to LGBT . Whether accidental or intended, fan consensus suggests that the date only adds insult to injury.

The cancelation leaves Sense8's intricately woven storyline with several loose ends and the lack of a resolution has only served to spur the fan response.

Sense8's official Twitter account, as well as the show's stars, have posted their heartfelt thanks and farewells.

Despite the blow, the Sense8 fandom have rallied around this diverse and acclaimed series, creating several hashtags in support of a renewal, including , and .

A newly created petition has more than 71,000 supporters and counting, and the number continues to climb.

Many fans on Twitter are heading straight to to demand the show's continuation, even canceling their subscriptions in the hopes that direct requests will accomplish what social media might not.

Time will tell if the vocal response garners any network attention or acknowledgement. But it's only day one — of Sense8's bad news and of Pride Month. If history is any judge, the LGBT community isn't going anywhere.


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