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As Apple continues to tighten its grip on the empire of electronics, fans of HBO's Game of Thrones have just pulled a startling comparison between Westeros and California that the company really should have seen coming. Everyone knows how frustrating it is trying to unlock an iPhone with sticky fingers after you have just murdered your arch nemesis or had a fun time with your own sister, but the upcoming iPhone X may have fixed that problem with its new "Face ID" feature — well, unless you are Arya Stark.

Face Off

The phone will fully introduce facial recognition, which may cause a bit of a conundrum for those Faceless Men of Essos. In particular, could Arya Stark pull a Mrs. Doubtfire to confuse Apple's latest invention and its princely price tag? One way to get around the stringent security measures would be to don the face of Walder Frey or (now) Petyr Baelish to uncover the secrets of the realm. While we can't give complete credit to for Apple's latest innovation, it looks like a certain Ms. Stark should be claiming royalties.

It didn't take fans of Thrones long to cotton on to the iPhone X's possible flaw or to mock the electronics giant via Twitter:

We were assured at Apple's keynote speech that the actual chances of someone else unlocking your phone with a fake face is one in a million, but that hasn't stopped us hammering home the "Stark" realities of Arya's skillset. The speech also seemed to show that Apple itself has a giant "face sack" of interchangeable faces to use at their own leisure, but they look to be just for display. Even if Apple isn't after some product placement, the iPhone X would be the perfect addition to that modern interpretation of Game of Thrones that everyone has been raving about.

Given that Arya cannot only steal your face, but mimic your voice, it looks like she may have Apple licked here — we just have to wait and see if she whips out her iPhone X in Season 8 of the show. If you have more coin than the Iron Bank and are willing to part with the cash, the iPhone X is a steal at just $999 for the basic model.

To be honest, I would be more worried about dropping an iPhone or it running out of juice than a faceless assassin trying to hack into it. While we may have to wait until 2019 until the final season of the fantasy epic, poking fun at Apple for the next two years may just have made that a little more bearable.

Check out Arya using her best Face ID to wipe out the Freys in Game of Thrones and don't forget our poll below:


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