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We may still have to wait over a year until Fantastic Beasts 2 soars onto our cinema screens like Frank the Thunderbird, but that doesn’t mean there isn't any magic happening here and now. Indeed, with production well underway on the next instalment, Warner Bros. have just released the first promotional picture that's sure to whet our appetites. All in all though, we’re rather puzzled by it.

The First Intriguing Image From 'Fantastic Beasts 2' Has Been Released

'Fantastic Beasts 2' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Fantastic Beasts 2' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

To promote the sequel for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we’d normally expect a non-spoilerific action shot of our hero, Newt Scamander () with his pals in tow. Instead though, we’ve ended up with some wizarding documentation from the Ministry of Magic, which is essentially a kind of travel visa for Newt himself.

Some readers may be somewhat disappointed by this still mainly because — aside from the amusingly disgruntled photo of our hero — it may not seem to be all that special on first glance. Yet, like all good magical objects, there are some titillating tidbits concealed within.

For example, the image provides us with a good look at the Ministry of Magic’s snazzy logo in the '30s which, as we know, is somewhat different by the time that and his friends are knocking around Hogwarts. By showing us this change, we get a sense of just how many years before Harry’s time this prequel series takes place. On another note, Newt’s birthday has been revealed as the 24 February 1897, which is notable in itself. has often used specific dates to emphasize certain character traits and plot points throughout her work, so the fact that Newt belongs to the Pisces star sign is very appropriate in light of his gentle and solitary nature.

Additionally, we’ve already heard that War & Peace's Callum Turner is going to be introduced in the new as Newt’s brother, Theseus Scamander – a decorated Auror and war hero. Therefore, the “list of family members” section at the bottom of the document hints that we'll definitely become more acquainted with Newt's family in the sequel.

But the most significant item on Newt’s visa is the “notice of travel permit application denial” which is apparently due to the fact that he was “uncooperative and evasive on reasons for last trip.” We may not know where Newt’s trying to head to, but we can’t say we blame him for not saying anything about his last trip. Indeed, his reticence may have something to do with the fact that he accidentally let a suitcase full of creatures loose on New York City. By doing this, Newt inadvertently flouted the International Statute of Secrecy and almost allowed Gellert Grindelwald’s () war become a reality.

So, whilst we can understand why Newt doesn't want to tell his bosses about that somewhat scandalous affair, we can't help but wonder whether his unwillingness to talk hints at something more...

Newt Scamander, Magizoologist And… Spy?

In the newly revised edition of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book, an aged Newt spends a large portion of his foreword addressing rumors about his career. Indeed, Scamander stoutly rebuffs Rita Skeeter’s claims that his caring for magical creatures was a cover for his secret career in espionage! Although it’s clear that he’s no spook during the first Fantastic Beasts movie, Newt still never denies that he became an agent for Albus Dumbledore. Indeed, it seems that even in his old age, our hero was very secretive about the New York incident, and with anything Dumbledore-related in general. Naturally, we here at Movie Pilot felt the wizard protested far too much, and the new synopsis for Fantastic Beasts 2 seems to have confirmed that Newt has been denying his involvement in some pretty sensational shenanigans.

Certainly, the outline for Fantastic Beasts 2 says that we will catch up with Newt and co. several months after their capture of Gellert Grindelwald in the first film. But, as he promised in that movie’s climax, Grindelwald manages to escape, forcing a noticeably younger Dumbledore () to consult with Newt.

So what has Newt been up to in the gap between these two stories? Is Grindelwald still trying to harness the power of Obscurials? And is it Newt's deep knowledge of Obscurials that Dumbledore desires, or does Scamander’s mentor and close friend require something else to combat Grindelwald’s villainy?

It’s unclear whether Dumbledore’s ex- lover is in possession of the all-powerful Elder Wand or not at this point. Either way though, Grindelwald’s already a formidable foe, one who has managed to attract even more followers to his dark cause by the time that the Fantastic Beasts sequel takes place. With that infamous 1945 battle between the two mighty wizards looming on the horizon, the future headmaster of Hogwarts is certainly going to need all the help that he can get!

In regards to the newly released picture though, it doesn’t look like Newt’s current travel ban will last for too long. After all, we already know that director David Yates will be spiriting our cast of colorful characters to Paris and beyond in the sequel. Moreover, with fresh faces like Ólafur Darri Ólafsson’s wizarding circus master and the return of old players such as Ezra Miller’s Credence Barebone, November 2018 just can’t come fast enough!

In the meantime though, make sure you keep checking back with Movie Pilot for the latest Fantastic Beasts news and rumors!

Do you have any theories about what will happen in Fantastic Beasts 2? Head to the comments and let us know!

(Source: The Independent)


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