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With just over a week to go before is finally released in theaters, Warner Bros. continues to churn out little video gems here and there to keep us on our toes. And alongside being graced with an abundance of exciting over the past few months, the studio has now also released nine enchanting clips and over 7-minutes of fascinating B-roll footage to get our hearts really racing.

Take at closer look at the clips below, providing us with never-before-seen images from the upcoming blockbuster, swooping into cinemas on November 18:

1. Catching A Niffler

Walking by a shop window, Newt Scamander spots a Niffler trying to pinch some jewelry. From the outside, Jacob observes as the Magizoologist wreaks havoc amongst the wares in search of the little critter in a snappy moment of comic relief.

2. Robbery

Finally managing to capture the rogue Niffler, Newt 'empties' him out, revealing all the precious items the creature has collected since its escape.

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3. Bowtruckle

This clip is over in an instance but certainly delivers in giving us a glimpse at Newt's favorite Bowtruckle called Pickett, who clearly has "some attachment issues." Adorable!

4. Giggle

Unsure what's going on in this one but it sees Queenie and Jacob in Gnarlack's bar talking as if they're on a broken record.

5. Case Full Of Monsters

Turning to Gnarlack — the mobster who runs the local speakeasy — for help in tracking down his escaped creatures, Newt soon sees the conversation turn sour. Reiterating that MACUSA are very much after Scamander, the goblin signals that he would love to have a Bowtruckle of his own to pick locks.

To Gnarlack's dismay, the request doesn't go down too well.

6. Just A Smidge

Entering a building, quite obviously destroyed by one of his lost creatures, Newt assesses the wreckage and finds Jacob passed out in the rubble. After hearing a voice call his name, the room puts itself back together again just as Tina comes in to the Magizoogist examining his open briefcase.

As she rushes to help Jacob up, a Murtlap erupts out of the corner of the room and is quickly snapped back into Newt's magical case.

7. Setting Dangerous Creatures Loose

In an gloomy interrogation with Percival Graves, this clip directly mentions Albus Dumbledore standing up for Newt following his expulsion from Hogwarts. After being blamed for setting his creatures free to "expose wizardkind and to provoke war between the magical and non-magical worlds," Newt utters the following words:

"I'm not one of Grindelwald's fanatics."

But, what about Graves?

8. Strudel

We get a sneak peek into the apartment of the Goldstein sisters, who are cooking a meal as Jacob and Newt loiter around in the background. On whether he prefers pie or strudel, we learn that the British wizard doesn't have a preference.

Jacob, on the other hands, admits to loving the latter — which Queenie swiftly creates before him to his No-Maj amazement.

9. Welcome to New York

Passing customs on his way into New York, Newt Scamander comes across an officer who is adamant he wants to take a look inside his briefcase. With a swift trick, Newt avoids absolute disaster.

And finally, here's your 7-minutes worth of incredible B-roll footage from behind-the-scenes — enjoy!:

Which was your favorite Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them clip?


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