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Thanks to the success of , it seems that we are heading back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a few more times. As of right now, there have been for more movies confirmed by J.K Rowling herself, making this a five-movie series. And each movie, like Fantastic Beasts, is set to take place years before the Harry Potter series.

That just raises one question: What will these next movies be about, and how will they connect to the originals?

One of the things that made Fantastic Beasts so good was the fact that it was something completely new and different from any of the other Harry Potter movies, and had little to nothing to do with them. Can the same be said for the next set of movies?

Grindelwald Will Play A Key Role

One of the biggest stories showing up before the movie came out was that Gellert Grindelwald, whom fans know from the movies and books, would be appearing — and would be played by Johnny Depp. Fans responded with mixed feelings towards the casting, but regardless, there is no doubt that Grindelwald will have a key part to play in the movies to come.

Anyone who has read the books knows that, growing up, Grindelwald had a close friendship with Albus Dumbledore. They even possibly were romantically involved. Regardless, the two of them were close. And there is a good chance that we will see that relationship in at least one of the movies.

If we ever do see that relationship played out on screen, there is one important element that must be shown with it as well: the Deathly Hallows. For those who don't remember, the Deathly Hallows consist of three items — the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility. Together, they make one the Master of Death.

And for Dumbledore and Grindelwald, one of these Hallows causes their relationship to sour: the Elder Wand.

The story goes that when he was younger, Grindelwald stole the Elder Wand from the wandmaker, Gregorovich. And as time passed by, Grindelwald became a much darker wizard. Eventually, everything changed when a duel happened between Dumbledore and Grindelwald. The fight ended with Dumbledore disarming Grindelwald of the Elder Wand, and becoming the rightful owner of it, and Grindelwald was sent away. Later, as seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1, Voldemort makes him reveal where the Elder Wand is, and the rest is history from there.

So while it seemed minor before, this feud between Dumbledore and Grindelwald could become much bigger throughout the next few movies. After all, in the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, it is revealed on a wizard card of Dumbledore that he isn't defeated until 1945, and Fantastic Beasts only takes place in the 1920s. So there are still 20 more years to go before the final battle between the two.

But there is one more thing that might help confirm whether this is the story that we are now seeing play out. Albus Dumbledore had two siblings: a brother named Aberforth and a sister named Ariana. Unfortunately, Ariana was killed at a very young age.

Her death was a tragic accident, and was partly due to Albus. Aberforth even had this to say about it in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2:

"My brother sacrificed many things, Mr. Potter, on his journey to find power. Including Ariana, and she was devoted to him. He gave her everything, but time."

We know that Grindelwald has always had an obsession for power, as we seemed to have seen in Fantastic Beasts, so it would make sense for Dumbledore to have an obsession similar to his. It would have to be an obsession that would drive him all the way to his sister's death before he saw the light. And it just might happen that they shared a common interest that led to Ariana's downfall.

As we saw in Fantastic Beasts, when he was posing as Percival Graves, Grindelwald began a very weird relationship with a boy named Credence. He began this relationship because he saw what was called an Obscurial close to Credence. Little did he know that the Obscurial would be Credence himself.

An Obscurial is a young wizard or witch who developed a dark parasitical magical force, known as an Obscurus, as a result of their magic being suppressed through psychological or physical abuse. So basically, if someone is forced from doing magic in an abusive manner, it just builds up until it makes the host implode, hurting anyone in their path. For most, it is hard to control; where Credence had held it in so long, he managed to find a control over it.

As far as we know, this was the first time we have seen an Obsurial. But that doesn't mean it isn't the first time we've heard about it. It is highly possible that Ariana Dumbledore was an Obscurial as well. Look at the facts.

As Aberforth said, Albus sacrificed Ariana on his journey to discover the power that he so desperately obsessed over. And that obsession would lead to her tragic downfall. Since Grindelwald seemed to have a particular interest in Obscurials, it is highly possible that Grindelwald and Albus pushed Ariana to a breaking point where she could handle it no longer, and her Obscurus power was unleashed, killing her in the process.

This would then lead Dumbledore and Grindelwald's relationship taking a turn for the worse, and the rest would be history. So in total, what these movies seem to really be leading up to is the fall of Gellert Grindewald by the hands of Albus Dumbledore.

All of the pieces are there for it to work. It is in the right time period, and there is the right motivation for it to happen. And if there is anything else that could top it off better, it is the current casting rumors for a young Dumbledore. There are currently two rumors in play, and each offers a much different side of Dumbldore. First there is Arthur Darvill, who is currently known as Rip Hunter on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The other is Jared Harris, who is known to many as James Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

A fun fact about Harris: he is actually the son of Richard Harris, who just so happened to play the first Dumbledore before he died in 2002, and the role passed on to Michael Gambon. So it would really be a treat for his son to play him in that role.

Darvill could play the much younger, more arrogant side of Dumbledore that would have been around before Ariana's death. Meanwhile, Harris could play the older version when Dumbledore finally defeats Grindelwald in 1945. Both would offer interesting depictions of the character, and would be great to see as well!

So in conclusion, it looks as of right now that this prequel series of Harry Potter movies is set to go down a path that we have heard of, but never seen. It would make sense, as there would be no other real reason for Grindelwald to be in Fantastic Beasts in the first place.

Do you think it is possible that they are leading up to Grindelwald's downfall? Do you think we will see a young Dumbledore? Who do you want to play a young Dumbledore? What other storyline would you like to see them follow for the next movies? Let me know your thoughts down below!


Do You Think We Will See Grindelwald Be Defeated In The New Movies?


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