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With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them now in theaters, I decided to write about a theory on , the main protagonist of the film. This theory is going to suggest that Newt is the one who gave Aragog to Hagrid.

Here We Go

So, first off, what do we know about Newt? Well, here is some information from the trailers.

We know that Newt got kicked out of Hogwarts for endangering lives with a beast, likely kept in a suitcase. Dumbledore fought against his expulsion and Newt later enters New York with his case of magical creatures. But some escape.

He authored a textbook used by Harry Potter named Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and he was in Hogwarts during Harry's third year.

Zoomed in shot of the Marauder's Map in Prisoner of Azkaban
Zoomed in shot of the Marauder's Map in Prisoner of Azkaban

Although he would have been 96 by then, there has to be some purpose for him being there.

YouTuber Seamus Gorman came up with this theory and bought up some notable parallels between Newt and Hagrid. They were both obsessed with magical creatures, expelled from Hogwarts because of a beast, and their expulsions were argued against by Dumbledore.

According to the Harry Potter Wiki, Newt's book (Fantastic Beasts) was a required textbook for Hogwarts students since it was released in 1927. Hagrid was born in 1928, so Hagrid had to have read Newt's book, and he may have even gotten his interest in fantastic beasts from reading this book.

Newt does visit the school, as you saw above, so he could easily have seen Hagrid, and been interested in the Care of Magical Creatures. Hagrid becomes professor of Care of Magic Creatures in Harry's third year, which is when Newt visits.

Hagrid brings creatures such as hippogriffs, unicorns, nifflers, and flobberworms. He needed to somehow get these animals, and Newt may have supplied them for him. We know nifflers appear in .

How does Aragog tie into this? Well, how did Aragog find Hagrid? Aragog explains this, saying that he came to Hagrid in the pocket of a traveler. This traveler should probably be very interested in magical beasts if he's got Acromantula eggs in his pockets and he's giving them to young children.

Giving an Acromantula to a student is pretty negligent. It almost sounds like this traveler had at least some experience in unintentionally endangering the lives of students — WAIT A MINUTE.


This is not confirmed, but there will be five Fantastic Beasts films, with the last one taking place in 1945, and as Aragog was born in 1942, maybe we'll see this happen — it's definitely plausible! Seamus's video is below — go subscribe to him.

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Go see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them today! It looks amazing.

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