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Since 2005, Fox has made three attempts at cracking a Fantastic Four movie, and each attempt has been panned by fans and critics alike. After the release of Fantastic Four in 2015, fans even started a petition demanding the rights to the characters go back to Marvel Studios, so that the characters could be represented properly in the MCU.

At one time, the idea of the Fantastic Four coming to the sounded impossible, but after Marvel Studios and Sony cut a monumental deal to share the rights to Spider-Man in future films, fans begun to believe that a similar situation could happen with the first family of superherodom.

Although the fans want the Fantastic Four to join the MCU, the truth is that it probably won’t happen any time soon. However, one fan decided to make this dream a reality, and created a Fantastic Four movie poster that makes us wish they could team-up with the Avengers in the MCU even more.

Fan-Made Fantastic Four Poster

The Reddit user @TheKosmicKollector shared a poster they created for a MCU Fantastic Four reboot, and it was met with immediate praise by fans. The poster is relatively simple in its design, but at the same time, the way it evokes the Fantastic Four and the Avengers uniting is ridiculously exciting.

The Fantastic Four logo fits the MCU style perfectly, mainly because it is an augmented version of the Avengers symbol that Marvel Studios introduced in 2012. The word “Reunite” adorns the top of the poster, and much like the title for the new film Spider-Man: Homecoming, it suggests that the characters would finally be back where they belong.

The fan-made poster emerged on Reddit shortly after the news broke that Fox was rebooting the Fantastic Four again, only this time the film would center around the children of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. While Franklin and Valeria Richards are super powerful characters, and the reboot will probably be a great film for kids, the news of the new movie from Fox was not what Fantastic Four fans were hoping for.

Maybe the new Fantastic Four reboot from Fox will rejuvenate the franchise, but for now, fans are still wishing that The Thing, Johnny Storm, Reed Richards, and Sue Storm would show up in Avengers: Infinity War to help our favorite MCU heroes defeat the Mad Titan Thanos.

Sound off! Do you wish that the Fantastic Four could join the MCU? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.


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