ByAdam Harris, writer at
Adam Harris

There have been attempts to adapt cult comic book series ElfQuest for the big screen for some time now, but finally after 35 years, it looks like it might happen. According to Variety, producers Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes picked up the rights to the comics, previously held by Warner Bros. The pair are definite fans, having made a short film to show the potential of the series back in 2011.

Written by Wendy and Richard Pini, the comics focus on a group of Elven Wolfriders who come into conflict with savage humans, and were published by both Marvel and DC at different points. Now all the comics are available to be read online on their official site, which receives 10 million views a month.

Personally I'm not convinced, the music, the visuals, the source material, none of it seems very good. Then again with a colossal fan following and interest from WB in the past, perhaps I'm alone in that view. I'd much prefer to see another attempt at bringing Heavy Metal to the big screen. Do you want to see an ElfQuest movie, or are their other fantasy adaptations that you'd prefer?


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