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If you've seen the latest episode of Fargo Season 3, "The Law of Inevitability," you'll know that Gloria Burgle is — despite law enforcement impediments at every turn — cracking this case like eggs for an omelette. With Ray dead and Emmit now part of the cover-up, the line between decent and villainous characters is getting ever more blurred.

For most of the season, it was unclear whether Mary Elizabeth-Winstead's Nikki Swango was a savvy, hardened criminal mastermind or a garden variety crook who'd gotten in over her head. After the events of Episode 7 though, it's hard not to feel bad for the trapped kitty, especially now the wolf is literally pawing at her door.

Note: Spoilers for Fargo Season 3, "The Law of Inevitability" follow.

Recasting Fargo's Production Of 'Peter And The Wolf'

Speaking of the wolf, remember that Peter and the Wolf story from a few episodes back? At the time, it seemed fairly obvious that Sheriff Gloria Burgle was Peter and the Wolf was the disgustingly villainous V.M. Varga. The show continued to parallel the fairytale in the next episodes, including with the death of Ray (the Duck) — who gets swallowed whole by the Wolf in Sergei Prokofiev's story — and wolf imagery swarming Varga like sharks to blood. But this last episode has brought into question whether or not show-creator Noah Hawley pulled the wool over our eyes on the true identity of the Wolf.

Who's The Big Bad Wolf?

[Credit: Chris Large/FX]
[Credit: Chris Large/FX]

At the end of "The Law of Inevitability," we see Varga's Ukrainian bodyguard/hitman Yuri Gurka sawing through the metal mesh of the felled prison bus to get at Nikki, all while looking suitably deranged wearing the wolf's head we saw him fondling in the middle of last episode. But what does this mean?

Since the start of the season, we've been sitting comfortably thinking that Varga was the villain and Yuri and Meemo were his quiet, efficient henchmen. Could this latest development signal a switch? If we look back at the season thus far, it's true that Yuri's been given quite a bit of screen time for his ponderous soliloquies on the meaning of truth, Vladimir Putin, and the tough life back in the motherland. Also, as we found out in Episode 2, his story was the opening scene of the season, so it was likely to gain significance at some point down the line. But will Yuri Gurka actually take over from Varga as the main villain of the show, or is he simply wearing the wolf's head because that's just, y'know, something he likes? Or, conversely, is he wearing it simply as a representative of Varga?

It's true that so far there doesn't seem to have been any conflicts between Varga and Yuri, and the last time we saw them together Varga was giving Yuri the order to kill Nikki and Ray; so, as of yet there's no indication that Varga is being usurped. However, I wouldn't rule out there being more to the power dynamic in their relationship than we've seen so far.

We'll find out more in next week's episode of Season 3, "Who Rules the Land of Denial?", which airs on Wednesday, June 7 at 10 p.m.

Do you think Yuri is the true wolf of Fargo Season 3?


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