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This week's Fargo Season 3 episode, "The House of Special Purpose," hosts a few fun Easter Eggs and some cutting social commentary. As Gloria Burgle's investigation progresses, V.M. Varga's disgusting intimidation tactics escalate even further (fornicating with our cookware!), and the good, the bad, and the foolish citizens of Minnesota get further embroiled in the wintry mix.

Check out four of the Easter Eggs that appeared in Season 3, Episode 5, "The House of Special Purpose":

1. The Chief's Balloon Story Was True

In a show in which the concept of truth and fiction is constantly questioned, you have to second guess everything you hear. When the new chief of police takes Gloria out of her interrogation of Ray to tell her the story Laura Buxton's balloon being found by another girl called Laura Buxton, he uses it to show that sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence, and that she should drop the case on Ray. He also highlights that unless something's been proven to be more than it seems, it's just a coincidence. But surely police work is all about finding the evidence, sir?

The real story of the red ballon goes pretty much as the chief tells it: Laura Buxton in Staffordshire, England, sent a red balloon up into the sky, writing her name and address on it and asking for it to be returned if found. 140 miles away, in Milton Lilbourne, England, a neighbor of another Laura Buxton found the balloon and gave it to her. The other Laura contacted the first Laura and the two found they had a lot more in common than just a name, including their age (9 or 10 at the time), pets, and more. Check out the full story, or listen to it on Radiolab's podcast.

2. Noah Hawley Sings The Closing Song

Show-creator Noah Hawley and Jeff Russo sing the final song of the episode, "Ship of Fools." Check out the original version above.

3. What's The Meaning Of The Statue In The Closing Shot?

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

The episode ends with Ray fretting over a beaten up Nikki while she lays broken in the bathtub. But before we get the credits, there's a brief but significant flash to a statue of a wolf, ominously glowering at the camera.

What does it mean? Well, if the story of Peter and the Wolf from last episode is anything to go by, we're still very much following the story's character metaphors. V.M. Varga is the Wolf, if you remember. "The House of Special Purpose" presents Varga with quite a few victories, and it's possible this wolf statue is a representation of Varga's dominance over the characters in this episode — except Gloria (Peter), that is. If you want a more in-depth look at this point, head to this explanation of the wolf silhouette over here.

4. Politics And Post-Truth

This season is running thematically parallel to our current era, most obviously in the form of characters debating the nature of truth and facts. Since post-truth became Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year in 2016, it seems that the line between fact and fiction has only become more blurred. As different characters on Fargo expound their views on what is true, we're also invited to reflect on the matter ourselves, such as when Gloria presents her case to one of the deputies at the police station. He tells her that "the new chief won't like it," and she responds, "you don't have to like the truth for it to be true." Take note, Mr. Trump.

In another spectacular twisting of facts, Sy and Nikki bandy words over the phone when Sy confronts her about the sex tape she made with Ray, which was made to blackmail Emmit by "proving" he'd had an affair. "It never happened!" says Sy. And Nikki responds, "that doesn't make it any less of a fact."

Both of these pieces of dialogue hit close to home in our current political predicament, where accusations of FAKE NEWS, on-record contradictions that somehow don't make headway, and compulsive lying run rampant. Let's hope Gloria has some answers for us.

Did you notice any other references in "The House of Special Purpose"?


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