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This latest episode of Fargo Season 3 continued to follow Sheriff Gloria Burgle's struggles to get to the culprits in this squirming web of moral dubiousness and murder. As she compiles her case, her "superiors" get increasingly more frustrated with her doggedness, but luckily that just seems to strengthen her resolve as she is now finds herself basically the sole barrier between crimes continuing to get swept under the rug and justice being served.

But one of the most shocking scenes of "The Law of Inevitability" came when Gloria once again showed up in the right place at exactly the right time. At the beginning of the episode, Nikki Swango was arrested for the murder of Ray Stussy, just as Varga had planned. As she's waiting in a jail cell, the video camera in the room turns off and an obscured man comes in. Since he remains out of focus, we can only make out that he's got a law enforcement uniform on as he sidles over to her and handcuffs her to the bars. Just as he's about to stick her with a syringe (which is likely loaded with enough poison to kill her), Gloria comes up along side and, pointing her gun, tells him to drop it. It's only then that we see the man's face:

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

Although he manages to get away, we're all left with the question: Who the heck is he? First of all, if you don't know actor DJ Qualls, you might recognize him from the Road Trip movies, or his latest stint on Amazon's hit show The Man in the High Castle as Ed McCarthy. Tall, gangly, and with a host of quirky work behind him, he's basically the most actor to not have appeared on Fargo — until now, that is. But going back to the show, who is he playing and why is he trying to kill Nikki?

Judging by the fact that we haven't seen him before on the show, and he botched the assassination job, he might not in league with Varga. Yet, he was able to sneak into the station, turn hack into their system to turn of the camera, and obtain a police uniform, so he must be part of some criminal activity. Could he be seeking vengeance? If so, why now that she's locked in a jail cell? Is he someone she wronged in the past? Or — judging by the fact that she didn't appear to recognize him — who was he hired by to kill her and why?

We'll hopefully find out soon, with next week's episode, "Who Rules the Land of Denial?"

Why do you think DH Quall's character tried to kill Nikki?


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