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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Two teaser trailers have been released from the upcoming TV adaptation of the classic Coen brothers dark comedy film Fargo.

And for anyone thinking this wouldn't live up to the original, not only do the trailers seem to have the perfect blend of comedy and cold sinister strangeness, but with a cast including and , and Joel and executive-producing, fans of the movie can at least begin to get excited.

In the first clip, we see Billy Bob Thornton do nothing more than put on his car radio and scrape down his windshield - but that is enough to fill the viewer with at least a mild sense of dread. Pay attention to the music, too.


Now watch the second clip, which at first seems to have even less going on, before a certain body part is revealed - and I bet you can't guess which one.


The show looks certain to maintain the comedic tine of the original movie. It was just announced that hit comedy duo and (Key and Peele) would be cast as investigating FBI detectives.

But what do you think? Will this show live up to the original? And what has upset Billy Bob so badly? Write in with all your speculations and thoughts below the line.

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