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OK then, Season 3 has finally slid back across the ice and onto our screens in killer form. With a full cast, including Ewan McGregor in a double role as brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy, the season has gotten off to a great start, full of villainy, humor, and philosophical questioning — not to mention boldly experimental styles.

The second season explored the US at a time of great change, seeing capitalism become religion as the ruthless expansion of the crime syndicate happens alongside the election of Reagan. This time around, show creator Noah Hawley is focusing on contemporary society (in 2010), looking at how technology brings us together and how it divides us too. Now that the season is firmly underway, we've got more than a few new Fargo theories to pick through. With that in mind, let's check out the most compelling Fargo Season 3 theories.

Who Killed Ennis Stussy?

Although this might at first seem like a cut and dried murder — drug-addled ex con robs the wrong guy and accidentally kills him — there are a few lingering questions about what happened to Ennis Stussy that don't seem to line up when examined. Ennis died by having his nostrils and mouth glued shut, preventing him from breathing. Although we're sure Maurice was there in the house and looking for the stamps — which would explain the state of the place when Gloria shows up — what reason would Maurice have to kill a harmless old man in this way?

We already know that Ennis Stussy was not his real name, and that he used to go by Thaddeus Mobley, who was the author of several praised sci-fi novels in the mid-1970s. After assaulting his criminal producer Howard Zimmerman, Mobley fled LA and changed his name to Ennis. Could the producer he'd left for dead have come back for revenge? To get the full context, check out the full theory article.

What Does Ennis Have To Do With Season 2's UFO?

The night of Ennis's murder, Gloria goes upstairs and discovers a box full of sci-fi books by Thaddeus Mobley hiding beneath the floorboards. Putting two and two together, she eventually deduces that Thaddeus and Ennis were one and the same — but could there be more to him than a story of fake identity? Although we know know the circumstances under which Thaddeus left Los Angeles and changed his name, we're still unclear about why he chose to come to Minnesota. It also seems odd that he, an award-winning sci-fi writer, would come to the precise area where, some four years later, a UFO would be spotted. Thaddeus left LA in 1975 and the Season 2 UFO appears in 1979, coincidence? There's definitely more here than we've been given thus far.

What's Up With Gloria Burgle And Technology?

You might have noticed that Sheriff Burgle has a far from friendly relationship with technology. Motion sensors do not notice her, she's not on Facebook, and she sets off car alarms as she passes. The show has bent over backwards to emphasize her lack of technological affinity, but why?

We know that showcreator Noah Hawley wanted to address "selfie-culture" this season, and he's already represented this theme in every episode so far. Obviously, Gloria has been set up as the juxtaposition to the rest of society's tech-dependence, but this could also play neatly into the plot by pitting her against the tech savvy V.M. Varga. If you search for Varga's name on Google, a single website pops up; if you click on it, it snaps a photo of you before killing all your devices — and you. Later, we see Varga creeping on Emmit and Ray Stussy on Facebook, able to deduce a lot about their relationship just via their photos. Clearly this man knows his modern tech and uses it as a weapon, whereas Gloria is totally off the map, which could serve if she ever confronts him — which seems increasingly more likely.

In Episode 4, "The Narrow Escape Problem," we see each person equated to a character in the story of Peter and the Wolf; with Gloria as Peter and Varga as the Wolf. These two have now clearly been pitted against each other, and if the story ends anything like Peter and the Wolf, we know who will come out on top.

How Will Season 3 Connect To Previous Seasons?

The second season, set in the late '70s, ended with several amazing payoffs connecting the characters with events in the first season, set in 2006. These little, intricate details provided more interest in the first season, and more insight into Molly, her father, and Hess. Although this season there's a whole new setting and a whole new set of characters, FX and Hawley have not ruled out stories intersecting with characters from Season 1.

In fact, in a January 2016 interview with the Television Critics Association, FX Productions CEO John Landgraf informed us that an older version of a Season 1 character will be appearing in Season 3:

“As far as I know based on what [creator Noah Hawley’s] pitched so far there’s one [holdover character]. That doesn’t mean he might not change his mind and there will be more than one, but I can’t tell you which one it is.”

At the TCA press tour in January 2017, Exec Producer Warren Littlefield reiterated the intention to include a little "kiss to Season 1":

"We will have a kiss to Season 1 that we think is appropriate because we’re doing a different film each year. But yes, they are related geographically and [there are] some thematic touches."

Which Season 1 character(s) do you think will show up in Fargo Season 3? Do you have any more Fargo Season 3 theories to add?

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