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Londonian actor sat down with Chinese media and entertainment portal to talk about his character Loki in the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World.

First off, the interviewer asks Hiddleston about a scene included in some trailers and previews, in which (SPOILER)

Loki cuts off Thor's hands.

When inquired about his reaction at reading the script for this scene, Tom answers:

I remember reading that and thinking 'Wow. This is a big, dramatic moment.' But also, what you haven't seen yet is what happens after that, which is even more shocking. And surprising. And exciting. That's what I love most about playing Loki: that he's so unpredictable, and you never know what he's going to do next. He's a trickster. And just when you think you've managed to pin him down, and force him, as it were, to play his hand, he'll do something to surprise you. So, all I can say is wait and see.

Following up on the question, the interviewer asks about Loki's motivations, character development and sheer evilness. Tom has this to say:

His villainy, the things that make him bad, like all the interesting villains in human history, is that they're motivated by very human instincts (even though they're very dark). The reason Loki becomes vengeful and full of hate, and jealousy and pride, is because of his personal history. He was brought up as the son of Odin, as Thor's brother, but he finds out in the first 'Thor' film that he's not, in fact, Thor's brother, he's adopted. And he's the illegitimate son of their mortal enemy; and that kind of secret is something that breaks his heart. And as a result of that heartbreak he becomes so angry that all he wants is acceptance and an apology, and he doesn't get it. So I think that closes him off from wanting to be sympathetic to that family. And he hates them for it. In a way, he wants to see them suffer. Which is quite a childlike emotion.

Watch the entire interview, which includes more insights into Loki's psyche and an explanation of some of the fight sequences, below:


Thor: The Dark World premieres on November 8th, 2013.



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