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Eszter Simor

We have been able to glimpse X-Men: Days Of Future Past in quite an amazing trailer and also through some released images, but this new photo of Magneto enhances our expectations even further. The mutants are hitting theatres May 23, 2014 and this time they will have to fight for their survival in two different time periods, joining forces with their younger selves.

In this new picture we can see as young Magneto in the 1970's. It offers you a good look at his costume that suits him pretty well (although I can't imagine a piece of clothing that would look anything but great on Fassbender.) Also he looks pretty pissed-off and there is a huge hole gaping in the background behind him, ripped in a metal wall... Seems like the war is on.

In the trailer we could see him as the young Erik Lehnsherr, the man who later will be Master of Magnetism. He was pointing a gun at someone as a possible reference to the cold war setting we left him in X-Men: First Class. Now he is on a "darker path".

Will give us the best X-men movie of all time?

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