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Mark Newton

The Fast and Furious movies are certainly fun to watch, but it also sounds like they're incredibly fun to make. If driving around in fast cars all day isn't awesome enough, it also seems like everyone on set is one great big high-octane family.

It appears Fast and Furious veteran might be the joker of the lot. He explained at a recent CinemaCon Panel:

I'd like to say the jokes were all written out. But a lot of it is us reacting to each other.

So for example, if Vin Diesel "shows up with his pecs all out, we might make a joke about cleavage." Furthermore, Gibson doesn't shy away from embarrassing his fellow cast members:

Paul doesn't like to wear deodorant, so when he gets in the car, you're just glad the fan is blowing things to the back.

Reportedly the crowd erupted with laughter, while offered Gibson a not-so-polite Ancient Greek finger gesture.

However, the panel wasn't all moob and body odor-based joking. also laid out some exciting future plans. He explained Fast & Furious 6 would be the "biggest of them all", while he went on to claim the filmmakers were always thinking "two or three movies down the road." So what does that mean? We know we're getting a Furious 7, but what about a Fast 8, or even a Fast 9?

What do you think? Is this milking the franchise too much, or are you happy if it never ends? Let me know below.


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