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Mark Newton

There's probably no surprises here, but Fast & Furious 6 is still running away with the US box office. Its second weekend has provided the now long-running action franchise with an additional $34.5 million to add to its already money-laden pockets.

Fast 6 remained on top of the box office despite the opening of 's Now You See Me and 's starring After Earth. Now You See Me took the second spot with $28 million, while After Earth made it onto the podium with a relatively disappointing $27 million.

Fast 6's second weekend may have brought in 65% less than its massive opening, but 's latest directorial effort has already racked in $170.3 million in the US and is heading towards half a billion worldwide. If it can continue this performance it will almost certainly reach, if not exceed, Fast 5's final global haul of $626.1 million.

Although this is great news for Universal, it's a lot less promising for Columbia's After Earth. Shyamalan's post-Earth sci-fi was originally panned by critics when it opened, and it might now struggle to make back its $130 million budget in theaters. This is even more worrying considering Will Smith is usually considered a sure-fire money-maker.

What do you think? Have you seen Fast 6? Does it deserve to make such serious bank? Let me know what you think below.


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