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IW is reporting that 's replacement in the Fast & Furious franchise, director , is going to approach Furious 7as a genre film.

Here's what he had to say:

"I really like the theme of this next one that we're going with. I can't really talk about it, but I like the theme; it's one that I really relate to,” Wan said. “Then there's the drive of Number Seven, which was set up at the end of Number Six, which is a classic revenge story. I'm a big [genre] fan, so that's how I'm approaching it: I'm looking at it like a gritty, '70s revenge thriller, but one that still fits into the Fast and Furious series."

Wan is obviously no stranger to to genre films, having worked on smaller projects like the upcoming Insidious: Chapter 2,The Conjuring, and Dead Silence. I have a feeling that The Conjuring is going to do amazingly well at the box office and give a lot of Fast fans hope that he can turn out something truly special with and .

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