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The eighth, and nowhere near final, chapter of the Fast and Furious franchise was only just released and is already set to top the box office and bring in the money.

After killing Han in Tokyo — an act of revenge on Dom's team for hurting his brother — Jason Statham was the new, tough-guy villain of Furious 7, but now in The Fate of the Furious, Deckard Shaw is one of the good guys (reluctantly!).

Along with some awesome action scenes, car chases and beautiful scenery, — along with — was one of the highlights in the new movie, and took part in some pretty awesome action scenes, including that awesome sequence at the end. But news has come out that it was supposed to go a bit differently.


As he was fighting his way through a plane full of Cipher's goons with Dom's baby in hand, Deckard watched as Cipher made her escape with the only parachute as he and Little Dom continued on in the plane.

In an interview with Slash Film, writer Chris Morgan revealed that things in that scene were going to be a bit different, and it wouldn't be a Fast and Furious movie if it wasn't spectacular! If you, like me, were waiting for Deckard and the baby to follow out of the airplane door, well we nearly got that scene — and what better way than to drive out! Morgan explained:

"So Deckard Shaw arrives on the plane the exact same way, but he has a pack with him and we don’t know what it is. And he gets the baby and fights his way out, and the end of that sequence is, he opens the duffel bag he’s been carrying, and there’s a baby seat in it. A car seat. And in the back of the plane is Dom’s car that you see him load up into the plane earlier in the film. So he straps that kid in, gets in, and rolls it out the back, and they do the car going out like we did in Furious 7, but he’s got the baby in it, and the baby is laughing the whole way. So that was something we considered. We had a version of that at one point."

'Furious 7' [Credit: Universal Studios]
'Furious 7' [Credit: Universal Studios]

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Like Chris Morgan said, we saw something similar in the last movie — Dom and the gang all drove their cars out of planes with parachutes — and while that would have been excellent to see, I think it was better without seeing something we've seen happen recently.

Unless it ended with a little nod at the Wizard of Oz with Shaw landing his car on Charlize Theron, but I suspect there are bigger plans for Cipher in the upcoming sequels.

The Fate of the Furious is out now in cinemas.


What do you think? Would you like to have seen that scene still in the movie?

Can you think of an alternative scene we could have seen? Comment below.

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