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"Money will come and go. We all know that. The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now."

So said Dom Toretto in Fast Five, showing how far he and his little family had come from valuing money to each other. Which is a very sweet sentiment — and it's good they don't care about money, considering the Fast Fam have caused over $500 million in (fictional) property damage over the course of seven (soon to be eight) movies.

There are many many things to love about the Fast and Furious franchise — perfectly timed quips, the cars' ability to defy both the laws of physics and common sense, literally anything that the Rock says or does... Fast and Furious really came into its own when it realized that the ridiculous, B-movie style plots were its strength, along with a core family who would for each other. We love the Fast Fam, no matter how many cars, planes, buildings, main streets, and soon submarines they leave burning in their wake!

Now, a team of lawyers have taken it upon themselves to calculate exactly how much this destruction costs, and it looks like those fun family road trips have a sky-high price tag of $514 million (admittedly, the villains caused $194). Here's the costs broken down:

  • 169 damaged cars
  • 142 destroyed cars
  • 32 destroyed "special vehicles" (eg: tanks, planes, etc)
  • 53 damaged buildings
  • 31 destroyed buildings

And counting! Because with Cipher's apparent superpower to control cars in , you can bet that the latest Fast and Furious movie will add another hundred million at least to the Fast Fam's bill.

The report also delves into exactly who does the most damage with some neat infographics. As we can see, the amount of destruction wrought by the Fast Fam increased in Furious 7:

[Credit: InsureTheGap]
[Credit: InsureTheGap]

Which is thanks in a large part to the individual who has caused more damage than literally anyone else in the franchise — Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw. And thanks to this handy graph, we can see that he's really happy about wrecking everyone's shit:

"Eat my dust, yer wankers." — Shaw, probably. [Credit: InsureTheGap]
"Eat my dust, yer wankers." — Shaw, probably. [Credit: InsureTheGap]

My favorite thing about the report was learning that the only kind of damage Mia is responsible for is "serious building damage." Go hard or go home, girl.

But although adding up all the worth of the Fast Family's wanton destruction is fun, we can almost guarantee that this was never considered when making the movies. After all, this is the movie franchise that responded to Brian's statement that "cars don't fly" with Dom immediately proving him, and gravity, wrong. What does a few hundred million dollars mean in the face of logic like that?

Tell us in the comments: What's your favorite thing about the Fast and Furious franchise?

The franchise makes way more sense when you realize the cars are their super-suits. [Credit: Universal]
The franchise makes way more sense when you realize the cars are their super-suits. [Credit: Universal]

[Source: InsureTheGap via The Hollywood Reporter]


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