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Matt Carter

"All roads lead to this."

The first footage from Fast & Furious 6 debuted at last night's Super Bowl and from the looks of things, all roads led to exploding planes, bikini-clad babes and some seriously awesome car stunts. The trailer also gave us our first look at the long-awaited return of someone special. Check it out:


Boom! That is how you make a television spot. Forget about dialogue and plot exposition, the best way to impress us fans is to blow as much stuff up as you can. Then, when you have our full, undivided attention, pull the rabbit out of the hat with the introduction of Letty (). Nicely done.

The return of the supposedly deader than dead Letty was teased at the end of Fast Five, and we got our first official look at her in this still from a few weeks back. This is the first time we've seen her in action and I'm guessing her reunion with her former lover Dom () is going to be a spicy affair. He thought that she'd been murdered by Fenix Calderon in Fast and Furious, so now that he's discovered that she's alive and well I imagine that he's really pissed that she didn't call or even send a postcard. The synopsis for Fast & Furious 6 also tells us that Letty is now the second in command to a criminal mastermind who goes up against Dom, Hobbs () and the rest of the gang, so that's only going to complicate their relationship even more. Will they reunite or go to war? We'll have to wait until May 24th to find out.

Will Dom and Letty kiss and make up or are they going to fight each other to the death?


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