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definitely proved her kick-ass abilities in 's Fast & Furious 6, and will hopefully continue to do so in 's 2014 project, Furious 7.

Why can't we get this kind of female badassery into some more superhero flicks? Both Rodriguez and Superman's () real-life girlfriend, , have been on the circuit as big-screen demi-goddesses for a while, but so far they've had no luck wearing capes.

Well, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rodriguez divulged that the female superheroes around just don't do that much for her:

I was a big Iron Man, Superman, and big Spider-Man fan. I love all the DC Comic characters. I love all the great male superheroes. They're awesome. I especially love the rebellious ones like the Punisher. Like when he went head to head with Spider-Man? That was so cool!

But, when it comes to playing one in a movie, Rodriguez said that she doesn't think there are any powerful superhero femmes out there:

There aren't a lot of chicks that I like at all in comics (she say Catwoman is an exception), as a matter of fact, in order to have one, I'd probably have to invent one. They just don't exist now.

While there are, in fact, a whole bunch of superhero chicks who would make awesome kick-ass movie protagonists, the superhero movies around at the moment do seem to be quite male dominated. Perhaps people just need to delve into the rich tapestry of comics to see what's out there... What d'you think?


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