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Sarah Gibson

Fast & Furious 6 turned its competition with The Hangover Part III into a massive blowout, driving the weekend box office review into the record books.

Yep! Still going strong after 12 engine-revving years and five car-smashing sequels, the street-racing movie from raked in a whopping $98.5 million on the opening weekend and is expected to earn a $122.2 million total for the first three opening days, Joblo reports.

How people defending the -starring Fast & Furious 6 for being dumb good fun, but bashing The Hangover Part III for being dumb and one sequel too many I don't understand... But heck, I saw enough rage-laced high-octane speed chases in Fast 6 to let that slip. What about you?

Fast & Furious 6 clearly wanted to be bigger and better than its predecessor - and judging by the box office numbers over this weekend, it looks like it'll be just that. No franchise I can think of has somersaulted into the stratosphere so long after it's beginning, so what the hell can we expect for Furious 7? Rev your speculative engines below!



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