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Alisha Grauso

The Fast & Furious franchise just keeps nitro-boosting along, with Furious 7 set for a release next July. But with just over a year between the last installment of the wildly successful franchise and the next, the crew has been hustling to cast key actors and actresses in roles.

But the cast just got that much hotter, with Deadline reporting Game of Thrones actress is set to join the cast as a member of Dom Toretto's () car-racing crew.

For the moment, her exact character description is being kept under wraps, but one has to wonder if she is stepping into the role that was previously rumored to have been written with in mind and later had Rita Ora briefly attached via rumor, or another role entirely.

With the last film ending on a cliffhanger and the next film set to shoot soon, expect more details to be leaked.

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