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Filming of Furious 7 has been suspended due to the death of its lead actor, . We have already known that the tragedy will probably delay the production, as the cast and crew are still grieving their lost friend. Now it is reported that the studio might start the entire filming over to respect the star's memory.

According to CB, director has commented twice on the death of the actor. He tweeted:

I am so beyond heartbroken right now. I can’t process anything.

So many came out last night to the vigil. Thank you. Your love, heartfelt sympathy and prayers are with his family.

Walker was in the middle of filming Fast & Furious 7, when a horrific car crash claimed his life last Saturday. Although the production is half-way finished, some of the actor's key scenes are missing. As The Wrap reports, conversation about how to move forward with the movie are now taking place and the studio is considering to start over the movie from scratch. The Universal Pictures is insured for unexpected losses, so the (always omnipotent) financial burden will not be the major deciding factor in this case. The studio basically has two options.

  • Universal Pictures can re-shoot the whole movie without Walker's character, Brian O’Conner. This would be a sad option for the fans, but considering that the movie is about speedy street-racing and Walker has passed away in a terrible car accident; it might also be the most tactful.

  • Another apparently discussed solution was to recruit a body double for the actor and use special effects to put Walker's face on his body. However, this later solution has luckily been abandoned.

  • (source: The Wrap via ComicBook)

    What do you think a better solution would be? Can Fast & Furious 7 turn out as an honourable tribute for Walker if the studio re-shoots the whole film? Or in this situation, anything would be a sad solution of necessity?


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