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Let me start this article with a groan of disdain: Urrrghhh... You know those awful spoof movies like Date Movie and Epic Movie? Well they're making another one which takes aim at the Fast and Furious franchise.

The spoof comedy Superfast will rip on some of the most notorious aspects of the over-the-top action franchise. Spoof veterans and are down to write, while the movie will be produced by Scary Movie Executive producer .

Carl Clifton from K5 International (the agency handling Superfast!'s foreign sales) enthused:

Jason and Aaron will drive audiences crazy with this latest parody. It's a franchise that's crying out for some high octane comedy collisions and these are the guys to get a speeding ticket doing it. These guys have no reverse gear. They probably don’t have first or second either. This is going to be one ridiculously funny ride.

I highly doubt that Carl. The first Scary Movie may have been somewhat amusing, but since then the spoof genre has gone in a bit of a nosedive. Long gone are the days of Hotshots, Airplane! and Naked Gun. Now all we have are these cash-in movies which trawl moviedom for the lowest-common denominator of comedy. As you can guess, I'm not a fan. Plus the Fast & Furious series is so brilliantly ridiculous, does it really need spoofing?

Anyway, if you like these kind of films, then I suppose it is good news for you.

What do you like? Are you glad to see more of these spoofs, or do you think they should hit the road? Let me know below.


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