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Over the last seven seasons, The Walking Dead has consistently brought us a top notch series week after week. With a brilliant story, kick ass characters and more action than you can shake a stick at, the show is clearly at the top of its game. However, that doesn't stop us having a laugh when we notice some of the funny background errors.

A few weeks back even Carl, a.k.a Chandler Riggs, found the funny side of a fake interior being revealed at the Hilltop community, then there was the case of the mystery object flying through the sky, and now in Episode 11 one eagle-eyed viewer has spotted something else.

Though he only appeared in a few short episodes, the character Fat Joey really captured our heart. Whether it was jokes about oral sex with Negan, rigging up impressive traps for walkers or simply enjoying a delicious sandwich, Fat Joey won us over.

However, not even the tears in his eyes could prevent ScreenCrush's Kevin Fitzpatrick from noticing a small error in continuity when it came to Fat Joseph's body in this week's Episode 11:

Yep it looks like the crew totally forgot where exactly Fat Joey died, and when it came time for the body double to stand in for actor Joshua Hoover during Episode 11, they kinda got it a little wrong (not to mention that the stand in was a little bit slimmer than the original Fat Joey). For even more comparison, here's the scene from Episode 8 just after Daryl killed him:

See also:

And here he is at the start of Episode 11 when Dwight and the Saviors are discovering his body, angled well away from the door and the bikes we saw in Episode 8.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]


Obviously in the grand scheme of things this is a small detail, but every now and then it's funny to see these small errors that prove that The Walking Dead cast and crew are mere mortals, just like us.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 12 on March 5d


Did you notice the Fat Joey snafu?


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