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It's fair to say that Warner Bros. has a lot riding on Justice League. The upcoming mega superhero film is the culmination of the past several years of work by DC and Warner Bros, and if a recent report is any indication it will also decide the future of several upcoming movies, including Flashpoint.

According to Variety's Justin Kroll, the studio executives at Warner Bros. are not as eager to keep blindly developing movies as they have been in the past but would rather wait and see what the reaction to Justice League is before starting production on other upcoming projects, such as Flashpoint and even .

Speaking on Meet The Movie Press, the critic revealed that Warner's hesitance to find a director for can be attributed to their wait-and-see approach:

"A little insider tidbit, I've been tracking various movies in this world, director wise, specifically Flashpoint. I've heard they've slowed that search down, to see how [Justice League] does."

While this news may seem shocking, it actually makes a lot of sense, considering what we already know about Warner's strategy.

The Fate Of 'The Flash'

It's a given that Warner Bros. was going to base a lot of things on the success of Justice League. Despite the fact that the DCEU has many financial hits to its name — and with Wonder Woman, a major critical hit, too — Justice League is uniquely important as it will establish multiple major characters, all of which have spin-off potential.

Justice League will set the tone (and possibly even storylines, too) for most of the characters in the film, and reveal not only who they are but more about how we'll see them in their solo ventures. So it makes sense that Warner Bros. will want to see the reception from fans and critics to determine which course of action to take with regards to movie and other upcoming DC projects.

Flash must wait his turn. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Flash must wait his turn. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

And while this news isn't too worrisome, it does mean that there's a spanner in the works when it comes to the development of Flashpointwith this news coming on the heels of a promising storyline revelation, the movie hardly needs yet another stumbling block.

The Flash solo flick has had particularly poor luck, with director after director dropping out: Pride And Prejudice And Zombies' Seth Grahame-Smith was first attached to the project before he abandoned it; Dope's Rick Famuyiwa was then attached to direct the movie but soon departed citing creative differences with the studio. Since then, Warner Bros. has been searching for other directors to helm their movie about the fastest man alive. But now it seems they have stalled this search until after the Justice League box office results roll in.

While this news may have dampened the spirits of many a fan, it's important to remember that the studio's choice to take its time with Wonder Woman resulted in the creation of one of the best superhero films of all time, so we can be hopeful that this something similar may be in store for Flashpoint.

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(Source: Meet The Movie Press)


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