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The events of Sunday night's Academy Awards have been picked apart and intensely analyzed over the last few days, with various parties questioning who is truly responsible for the envelope mix-up which led La La Land to be called Best Picture instead of rightful winners Moonlight. PwC — whose job it was to correlate the results, prepare the envelopes and hand them to the correct presenters — have claimed responsibility, but that doesn't make it any less of a fuck up.

According to Warren Beatty, he had been handed an envelope which announced as Best Actress In a Leading Role for La La Land, instead of the correct envelope — but Emma Stone claims she was holding the envelope which announced her name, who who knows what really happened in those moments leading up to the big blunder.

While the astonished faces of the packed Dolby theater said it all, it can't have been easy being on-stage when the fuck up was revealed — and Beatty's co-presenter must have also been feeling the pressure — even though it's not in any way her, or Beatty's, fault. According to The New Yorker's Michael Schulman, one reporter overheard Dunaway at the bar (well you would, wouldn't you) taking some responsibility for getting it so wrong, saying:

One reporter had overheard her saying, ‘I really fucked that up.’

We've heard from Jimmy Kimmel, Warren Beatty, Emma Stone, president of the Academy Cheryl Boone Isaacs, PwC partner Brian Cullinan — so, pretty much everyone who could have been involved. Since Sunday night Dunaway has told the press it wasn't her fault, seemly shrugging off the disaster.

Having said this, Dunaway may have felt marginally guilty at the bar due to an altercation her and Beatty reportedly had during rehearsals. According to everyone's fave gossip source TMZ, Beatty and Dunaway had a heated argument during the rehearsal on Saturday over who would get to read out the winning movie. Beatty eventually gave in, giving Dunaway the honor — maybe because he realized something was up?

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No one blames her or Beatty for the mishap, but the assumption that Best Actress Emma Stone = Best Picture La La Land does raise some questions. It's unfortunate that 's win has been overshadowed by a series of awkward moments, and I imagine next years will be missing a few backstage regulars.


Do you think Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty had a hand on the Oscars blunder?


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