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There are still a few months left before The Walking Dead Season 8, but the good news is that companion series Fear The Walking Dead should tide us over until October.

FTWD will return to AMC for Season 3B on September 10th, with the mid-season premiere likely addressing the outcome of 3A — the Otto ranch was left without a leader, and the ranch itself is in a questionable state in the aftermath of Jeremiah's death.

At the moment, it looks like Walker is in charge of the supplies and rationing, while Jake is taking a backseat in the action. Most fans assumed that Jake was next in line to become the leader after his father's passing, but it's Walker calling the shots now.

What's odd about all of these developments is that Troy (Daniel Sharman) is nowhere to be found. It seems suspicious that he isn't actively trying to take back the ranch; he was set on maintaining control during the first half of Season 3. Of course, it's possible that Troy is hiding his true motives — in which case, he could be planning a coup for later in the season.

Also, Troy was inked to play the villain in Season 3, and it seems like we've only seen a part of that villainous arc so far, so we may still see him become a ruthless murderer responsible for taking out the rest of his competition (including his brother, Jake).

As for Madison, she appears to be in close contact with Walker and Jake, so she's likely working as a mediator between them. A batch of new images released by AMC includes one depicting her and Walker walking alone on a stretch of highway — but there's probably more to Madison's plan than just becoming Walker's partner on the ranch. Check out the image below:

'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Since Madison arrived at the Otto ranch, she's been all about using it to protect her family. She learned early on that the only way she'd be able to protect them is to guarantee a safe home. However, Walker's presence there now puts the ranch (and her family) in danger. Madison probably has something planned — but, if the ranch doesn't work out, the Clarke family may have a new home to turn to...

Will The Clarke Family Leave The Otto Ranch For Daniel's Camp At The Dam?

A recent sneak peek reveals Madison's reunion with Victor Strand. The two can be seen briefly standing next to each other, discussing some type of deal. The context of their meeting is unclear, but it probably has something to do with the shortage of water at the Otto ranch. Strand doesn't have resources of his own to provide a solution to their problem, but he knows who does: Daniel.

Daniel and Strand didn't leave on the best of terms last time they met, mainly because Strand lied about Ofelia's whereabouts. But since Ofelia is safe at the ranch, a deal can probably be made for water — assuming Madison's reunion with Strand also broaches the subject of Ofelia.

'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

This connection is so important because it would provide Madison's group with a new safe haven in case the Otto ranch doesn't work out. Both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead have proven time and again that survivors' colonies don't remain standing for too long, and it seems right that the Otto ranch meet its end as well.

The community seems to be struggling with providing the bare necessities to its residents, so it may be abandoned by Season 4. If so, the Clarke family may be on their way to Daniel's community at the dam — that is, if Daniel lets them in.

Will Daniel Let The Clarke Family In?

'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

With Daniel being kind of a wildcard character, he's unpredictable. We've seen him behave erratically at times, and his psyche doesn't appear to be all there, giving us reason to worry about how he'd react to Ofelia and the rest of their group seeking shelter at his new home.

Any scenario that involves Ofelia joining her father would probably be accompanied by a request to have Walker come along. Walker and Ofelia obviously grew close during the first half of Season 3 — and Walker is loyal to his people, which means he'd bring them along to a new home. Daniel might not be OK with Walker's people joining him, as it would create a burden. Still, the Clarke family helped keep Ofelia safe, and will presumably return her to him, so Daniel owes them; the best way to repay that doubt is to offer them shelter.

We'll find out what happens when Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC on September 10th.

What do you hope to see in Fear the Walking Dead Season 3B? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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