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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the most recently episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 9, "Los Muertos."

In last night's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, "Los Muertos," aside from meeting up with Madison and co, we also explored more of this mysterious new community ("La Colonia") that Nick has joined.

Episode 9 reveals that the dying members of La Colonia willingly sacrifice themselves to the dead. In addition to that, the community believes that once the dead are gone, the world will be renewed and they will live to see it because they're the chosen ones. This belief system seems to have come from the leader, Alejandro, and when Nick expresses doubt over their beliefs, Luciana drops the bombshell that they believe Alejandro because he was once bitten by a walker and lived.

Nick sees Alejandro's scarred shoulder [AMC]
Nick sees Alejandro's scarred shoulder [AMC]

Talk about a "whoa!" moment!

For the entirety of The Walking Dead TV series to date, the general rule has been that if someone is bitten, an excruciating death soon follows, this was most recently seen in The Walking Dead Season 6 when Deanna was bitten and on her death bed (although she ultimately died being torn apart by walkers). The only exception to this has been when the bitten body part was able to be amputated quickly, like we saw with Hershel in The Walking Dead Season 3.

Yeah, it didn't really work with Tyrese [AMC]
Yeah, it didn't really work with Tyrese [AMC]

But despite this being our experience with bites, has Fear the Walking Dead just introduced the idea that some characters in The Walking Dead universe are either immune to walker bites, or perhaps that there is actually a cure for this disease?

It's a pretty big move to throw this out there, though The Walking Dead fans will remember that the Walking Dead universe flirted with a similar storyline in Season 4 and 5 when Eugene claimed he had the knowledge to cure the disease as well. Of course, Eugene later revealed that he was lying in order to gain protection from stronger survivors, so could it be a similar situation for Alejandro?

Alejandro: All about that cult life? [Richard Foreman/AMC]
Alejandro: All about that cult life? [Richard Foreman/AMC]

While it's obviously that Alejandro is very skilled, I get a strong feeling that the story about the bite is something he manufactured in order to get a large group of people to listen to him. And comments from showrunner Dave Erickson seem to confirmed this. Speaking about Nick, La Colonia and the bite revelation to EW, Erickson said:

One of the things the season is about for Nick is this question of faith and belief in the leader, and the story that surrounds him is what really has created this community. People knew Alejandro before the apocalypse, people believed in Alejandro. He was a pharmacist, he was something of a community leader, and he’s now becoming something of a myth. And I think that the story as it’s developed has made people trust him that much more, and it’s created this insulated community where people feel safe.

So basically the story of Alejandro surviving the bite brought people closer to him, as they felt safe within his community. Being a prominent figure in the community who actually survived an incident with the undead when so many perished is definitely the stuff of myths.

Alejandro & Luciana with the dying man [Richard Foreman Jr/AMC]
Alejandro & Luciana with the dying man [Richard Foreman Jr/AMC]

Interestingly, Erickson also spoke about Nick's need to find a father figure, and how that was a factor in believing Alejandro's story:

So it’s one of the things that Nick is a bit skeptical of when he hears the story for the first time — he’s a little bit dubious, and it’s something that we will continue to explore over the course of the season, but ultimately it’s really a story of trust and faith, and especially faith in the father figure, and for Nick, as somebody who lost his dad and lost his father at a time when he felt a great disconnection from his father, it’s very much about the challenge of him reconnecting with a father figure and seeing if he can find the ability and the strength to believe in this man even though he has his own questions about him.

So basically, Nick is a vulnerable person looking for a father-figure to embrace him, and despite having doubts over Alejandro's story, is prepared to embrace life in the community regardless. Anyone else getting some intense cult vibes, or just me?

Episode 9, Los Muertos [Richard Foreman Jr/AMC]
Episode 9, Los Muertos [Richard Foreman Jr/AMC]

Erickson also explained that the other members of the group trust and believe Alejandro's story implicitly:

Luciana, conversely, believes completely, as do the folks in the community, and the truth of Alejandro and the question of faith is something we will play out over the course of the season, and we’ll address it ultimately.

So there you have it, it looks like Alejandro's story will be a factor in the series until at least the end of the season. What do you think: Was Alejandro bitten, or is he just the smartest post-apocalyptic cult leader out there?

Watch Fear the Walking Dead Episode 10 on AMC on Sunday, September 4.

Do you think Alejandro could be immune or is it all a ruse to make the Colonia follow him?

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