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As Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead progressed we lost a few characters fairly unexpectedly, and among them the character we were most surprised to see go was Daniel Salazar. Ever since his introduction it was clear that Daniel was a true survivor. But after the death of his wife he seemed to become unstable, and in the Season 2 mid-season finale he set the compound on fire and appeared to perish in the blaze.

However, in an interview set to be published in the June 2/9 issue of Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Dave Erickson has revealed that not only is Daniel alive, but that he will also return to the show during Season 3! Speaking to EW, Erickson said:

"We’ve said publicly that he didn’t die in the fire. And I think what was always important is that the characters, specifically Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), thought they had lost him. I think his return is long overdue, and I can promise that Daniel Salazar will rise again over the course of the season."

Oh hell yes. I mean, after all, a man doesn't survive the Salvadoran Civil War only to die in a fire he lit himself!

How Daniel will be reintroduced in Season 3 is unknown at this stage, and given the group is now so scattered it could be in a number of ways. But with so many different characters and situations, it's easy to forget what they were doing when Season 2 ended. Take some time ahead of the Season 3 premiere to jog your memory with where we last saw these characters in Fear the Walking Dead:


Ofelia abandoned the group in Season 2 shortly after they arrived at the hotel, setting out on her own, driving towards the U.S. Eventually she was found by a man with an assault rifle who informed her she had arrived in the U.S. It was unclear if the man was a friend or foe, and going into Season 3, Ofelia's storyline will be an intriguing one. Will she end up a member of a new group, somehow find her way back to her father, or will she be reunited with Madison, Travis or even Strand?

Nick And Luciana

'Fear the Walking Dead' [Credit: Peter Iovino/AMC]
'Fear the Walking Dead' [Credit: Peter Iovino/AMC]

When Season 2 ended, Nick and Luciana looked to be facing certain death after running into an armed group at the U.S./Mexico border. But in a recently released sneak peek (see below) we learn that they somehow manage to escape! In addition to that, it seems as though Nick will reunite with his family during Season 3, thanks to a behind-the-scenes featurette containing an interview with actor Frank Dillane. But while Nick's future seems guaranteed, what's less certain is whether or not Luciana will make it.


While Madison, Travis and Alicia left the hotel at the end of Season 2, Strand refused to go with them and stayed behind. Things didn't look great at the hotel and it wouldn't be a surprise if Strand soon ends up leaving the property much like the other three did. But where will he go when he does, and will he meet up with any of the original group?


The last time we saw Alex was way back in Season 2, Episode 5 on Connor's ship. Alex has been confirmed to appear in Season 3, and given that last time we saw her she wasn't exactly happy with our group (a.k.a the ones who cut her afloat in the ocean) we shouldn't necessarily expect her to greet them too warmly.

Madison, Travis And Alicia

After being forced to flee the hotel after Travis injured Oscar, Madison, Travis and Alicia ended up at La Colonia, which was now overrun with walkers. The last we saw of the trio they were being told to look for Nick near the U.S. border by the dying Alejandro. We can assume that in Season 3 they will resume their search, hopefully playing a part in Nick and Luciana's escape from the armed group. It also looks like they'll find a camp of doomsday preppers in their travels, making the camp their home for at least part of Season 3.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on June 4.

(Source: EW via Undead Walking)


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